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Solaris Solaris

Crane Song


$1,899.00 USD

The Crane Song Solaris Quantum D/A is a 19-inch stand-alone digital to analog converter using the latest Quantum D/A technology and uses 32 bit a converter and ASRC for jitter reduction up sampling to 211KHz.

Analog Outputs

  • Main Output: Discrete output amplifier with a stepped attenuator and a max output of +24dBu
  • Secondary Output: Balanced, with a fixed level and an output of +18dBu
  • Headphone Output/Amplifier: With stepped attenuator

LCD Function Display:

  • Shows input source
  • Sample rate
  • Level metering

Digital Inputs:

  • Up to 192k
  • AES
  • Optical
  • USB

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