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Zodiac Platinum
Zodiac Platinum Zodiac Platinum Zodiac Platinum

Antelope Audio

Zodiac Platinum

$5,295.00 USD

The Antelope Audio Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC supports up to DSD128 (Double-DSD) and 384kHz, 24-bit streaming to a custom-designed, ultra-low jitter USB connection, as well as AES/EBU, S/PDIF, and TOSLINK PCM support.

The DSD features include a unique 256X upsampling mode where DSD64 and DSD128 are upsampled to DSD256, thereby releasing the true potential of DSD – delivering new standards in accuracy, transparency, imaging, and dynamics.

The unit compliments the high-resolution PCM inputs with switchable 64-bit precision 8x linear phase upsampling using a dedicated FPGA and Independent dual DACs per channel to eliminate crosstalk and improve dynamic range and linearity.

The foundation of the Zodiac Platinum is the renowned 64-bit, Acoustically Focused Clocking and the ultra-low jitter oven-controlled crystal oscillator, which stand as a guarantee of unprecedented sound quality - used by the best recording, mastering, and post production studios around the world.

In addition, the Platinum is equipped with a 10MHz input for the legendary Antelope 10M Rubidium atomic clock, providing the most accurate and stable clocking reference, and uncompromising digital to analog conversion.

Zodiac Platinum has inherited the stepped relay volume control and the dual-stage headphone drivers with impedance control from its very successful predecessor, the Zodiac Gold. It also comes with supplied with the 2nd Generation Voltikus external audiophile grade power supply and an elegant remote control.


  • Support for DSD64, DSD128, via USB (DoP) and a unique DSD upsampling mode to DSD256
  • An Antelope-designed custom USB chip offers ultra-low jitter and streaming support for up to DSD128 and 384kHz PCM – four times higher than similar devices
  • The unique DSD upsampling mode from DSD64 and DSD128 to DSD256 takes advantage of lower-order modulators and gentler noise reduction filters for the purest possible reproduction... All the detail that DSD is capable of
  • The Zodiac Platinum converts DSD directly to analog for optimum performance – it does not convert to PCM then on to Analog as others do
  • For natural detail and stunning stereo imaging even in PCM mode, switchable 64-bit precision 8x linear phase upsampling using a dedicated FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array)
  • Independent dual DACs per channel to eliminate crosstalk and improve dynamic range and linearity
  • Antelope AFC with 64-bit DSP, backed by an ultra-low jitter, oven-controlled crystal oscillator for detailed and focused sound
  • Fast, quiet, precise, and dedicated stepped relay attenuators for left and right outputs – accurate to 0.05dB. Relay-based Input and output trims with front panel control
  • Headphone outputs are relay-based, fed by dual-stage drivers with impedance control
  • Antelope's 2nd generation, triple regulated power supply, Voltikus PSU, with integrated power line filtering, new high-performance power cable, and precision locking power connection
  • Direct connection for the 10M – Antelope's 10MHz Rubidium atomic master clock for the ultimate reference, ultimate quality, and ultimate imaging
  • Control application for Mac, PC, Linux and mobile platforms gives full access to Zodiac functionality
  • Automatic, internet-based device updates
  • Main volume, headphone volume

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