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Slate ML1 Micrófono Emulador + Classic Tubes 1 & 2

$799 Dólares


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Slate ML1 Micrófono Emulador + Classic Tubes 1 & 2

$799 Dólares


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      **IMPORTANTE: A partir del 15 de Mayo 2022, los productos ML1 y ML2 de Slate, ya no requieren iLok físico. Ahora es posible autorizar el producto a través de iLok Cloud, que usa una conexión de internet, y una cuenta iLok Cloud gratuita, para el uso y autorización del software de emulación. 

      The Slate Digital ML-1 Large Diaphragm Modeling Microphone is arguably the most important part of the Virtual Microphone System, because everything starts here. With a shock-mounted Mylar capsule sputtered in gold and custom-made components, the ML-1 is NOT just any ordinary microphone. It was designed in tandem with the VMS-One preamp to provide an exceedingly flat output for the VMS microphone and preamp software modules to act upon.

      The ML-1 is a large-diaphragm condenser designed to have an extremely neutral and uncolored sound, excellent transient response, and wide (but flat) frequency response. VMS alters the ML-1’s output to recreate the sound of numerous vintage microphone and preamp combinations digitally. The ML-1 was designed in order to accurately capture a source, specifically for post-processing by the VMS software.

      The Virtual Microphone System

      The “VMS” is a hybrid system that utilizes an extremely transparent condenser microphone, a sonically-neutral preamp, and state-of-the-art digital processing suite that recreates the tone of classic microphones and preamps. The Virtual Microphone System collapses the wall standing between audio engineers and expensive world-class audio tools, allowing them access to the virtual microphone locker of their dreams.


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