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      The xpressor sounds wide, open and punchy and will keep your audio pristine. You'll especially love the Auto Fast feature, a switchable semi-automation that lets you achieve the perfect attack. What's more, the xpressor features stepped pots, so you can always repeat your results.

      elysia xpressor at a Glance:

      • Parallel compression
      • Stepped pots
      • Sidechain filter

      Parallel compression

      Parallel compression lets you dial in a mix of compressed and uncompressed signal. This is a built-in feature on the elysia xpressor. Parallel compression, sometimes called New York Compression, lets you maintain the subtleties of the performance while controlling and taming the dynamics.

      Stepped pots

      The elysia xpressor features stepped pots, each pot has 41 steps. This makes recalling precise settings very easy, and even experimenting with new settings. No more guessing on where the knob was exactly set to, the xpressor makes it simple.

      Sidechain filter

      The sidechain filter on the elysia xpressor lets you dial in compression on specific frequencies while avoiding others. For instance: you can compress the bass drum frequencies to your liking without having to compress the entire mix, which would likely lead to over compressing the song. You can really dial in your compression with the xpressor.

      elysia xpressor Features

      • Stepped potentiometers for repeatable results
      • Versatile compressor with discrete Class-A topology
      • Auto Fast feature
      • Sidechain filter
      • Parallel compression
      • Analog dynamic LED meter

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