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Shelford 5088 Limited Edition 16 channel



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      When 90 volts course through discrete op-amp cards, custom transformers & meticulously crafted, Class A circuitry designed by the most trusted name in audio, the difference is immediately apparent.

      Different from the Inside-Out
      The circuit topology of the 5088 is unprecedented. With custom transformers coupling every single input and output (including the inserts), the sweet musical performance and bulletproof isolation expected from a Rupert Neve design are assured: there is not a single compromised signal path in the entire console. For signal amplification and control, all new, high voltage, discrete op-amp cards have been developed specifically for the 5088 that eliminate crossover distortion while offering extended headroom, dynamic range, and frequency response.

      Unrivaled Pedigree
      The 5088 is a culmination of Mr. Rupert Neve’s vast analogue circuitry knowledge. As his first fully discrete mixing design in over 30 years, the 5088 incorporates and improves upon many of the same concepts, such as the single-sided, fully discrete amplification and complete transformer isolation that made his original designs so revered – except unlike many of those aging classics, maintenance is no longer a full time job.

      Sound Without Compromise
      To stay current in the recording business you must be able to continuously adapt your environment to the needs at hand. Because the 5088 is completely modular, channel strips and Portico processing modules like EQ, microphone preamplification and dynamics can be added or removed to meet constantly changing demands and eliminate the massive redundancies of consoles from yesteryear. If you don’t need it, your console doesn’t need it either.

      Expansion Chassis
      To increase the number of input channels, it is possible to add 5088-16 channel expansion chassis to the standard configuration. These additional chassis share the same form factor and lock into the sides of the master 5088 frame. Multiple expansion chassis may be added depending on what is required. Internal, group, solo, aux and master busses are linked through ribbon cables.

      Penthouse Frame
      To increase the feature set in each channel strip a penthouse frame may be adjoined to a 5088 regardless of the number of input channels.
      The standard 16-channel master section penthouse has 25 slots for vertically configured Portico modules. Depending on a studio’s needs, any combination of Mic Pre/EQs, Mic Pre/Compressors, Five Band EQs, Stereo Compressors, True Tape FX, and other modules can be added to the penthouse. For example, a studio doing exclusively mix work could configure a penthouse with 5-Band EQs on each input channel and then have a mixture of stereo compressors, Tape FX and more in the remaining slots. This approach allows you to avoid the large costs and redundancies found in the consoles of yesteryear.
      A studio that needs mic pre/compression/EQ on every input channel could integrate apenthouse with mic pre/eqs and dual mono / stereo compressors above the monitor/ group section, whereas a studio that has an existing large collection of high quality outboard equipment and doesn’t need the additional functionality can forgo the additional modules and penthouses entirely in favor of a line-only desk.

      The Meterbridge
      As an option, any 5088 configuration may be outfitted with a VU meterbridge at an additional cost. The meterbridge features finely calibrated and extremely precise meters for all input and group channels. The meter bridge can be secured to either the top of a standard 5088 frame or the top of a penthouse rack.

      Rupert Neve Designs’ own SwiftMix™ can be included in any 5088 configuration to add moving fader automation and DAW control functionality.


      Audio Connections
      • Channel Strip Modules (16+ total):
2 x XLR-F, 1 x XLR-M, 1 x TRS
      • Group Channel Modules (4 total):
3 x TRS, 2 x XLR-M
      • Master Monitor (1 Total):
6 x XLR-F, 9 x XLR M, 5 x TRS


      8 Channel Master

      • Width: 76 cm

      • Depth: 74.4 cm
Height: 27.2 cm

      8 Channel Master with Penthouse and Meterbridge

      • Width: 76 cm
Depth: 105 cm

      • Height: 58.2 cm

      16 Channel Master

      • Width: 116.8 cm

      • Depth: 74.4 cm 

      • Height: 27.2 cm
      • Weight: 235 lbs

      16 Channel Master with Penthouse and Meterbridge

      • Width: 116.8 cm

      • Depth: 105 cm

      • Height: 58.2 cm

      • Weight (loaded): 485 lbs (approx.)

      16 Channel Expansion Sections (multiple may be added)

Width: 73 cm

      • Depth: 74.4 cm

      • Height: 27.2 cm

      16 Channel Expansion Sections with Penthouse and Meterbridge (multiple may be added)

      • Width: 73 cm

      • Depth: 105 cm

      • Height: 58.2 cm

      Power Consumption

      • 16 channel master: 825 watts

      • 16 Channel Expander: 575 watts

      • Portico Modules: about 10 watts each
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