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Clariphonic 500



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Clariphonic 500



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      Enhance Your Tracks With Air and Clarity!
      If you're like most recording engineers, then you're always looking for the perfect way to add that ever-elusive smooth-and-silky top end "air" to your tracks. Here's the magic piece of gear you've been dreaming of: the Kush Audio Clariphonic 500 Series equalizer. Essentially one channel of the company's acclaimed Clariphonic 2-channel EQ in a convenient 500 Series module, the Clariphonic 500 gives you a natural and uniquely clever approach to frequency shaping that's way beyond the harmonic exciters and magic-wand plug-ins that often create more problems than they fix. Put simply, it's extremely difficult to get a bad sound out of this box, even if you're an equalization novice.

      Kush Audio Clariphonic 500 Series EQ:

      • Innovative design; magical results
      • Make your tracks sound gorgeous
      • Innovative design; magical results

      Here's how the Clariphonic 500 equalizer works. Unlike typical equalizers, the Clariphonic gives you a purpose-built set of front-panel controls. Rather than dealing with frequency ranges and Q widths, you handle two main controls (Focus and Clarity) plus toggles for either control that let you further define the Clariphonic 500's character. Under the surface, there's a lot more going on. The Clariphonic actually splits each signal that enters it into parallel paths. Think of these sections as channels in an old-school analog mixing console. Both the Focus and the Clarity engines treat high and low frequencies independently and then sum them before their independent gain controls.

      Make your tracks sound gorgeous
      This boost-only architecture allows you to adjust both the balance within the signal path and the level of the signal path's output in the summed mix. Independent of either the Focus or the Clarity path, the full-frequency path runs straight to the mix bus and is unaffected by the rest of the Clariphonic 500's circuitry. This gives you the option of blending in the original sound with the affected signal - more or less like a wet/dry mix. The result is that you can add lush overtones and air to your sound, without taking anything away or adding muddiness.

      Kush Audio Clariphonic 500 Series EQ Features:

      • One-channel 500 Series parallel equalizer
      • Splits incoming audio into parallel paths:
      • Clarity engine
      • Focus engine
      • Full-frequency direct-through path
      • Boost-only EQ architecture
      • Full set of front-panel controls
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