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Lynx LT-TB3 G- Shipping

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Lynx LT-TB3 G- Shipping

$60 Dólares


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      The output-only LM-A4 is an excellent companion to the four-channel LM-PRE4 input-only module. The combination of these two modules allows for the configuration of a lower cost 4-in/4-out Aurora(n) which is ideal for smaller studios and podcasters.

      Analog I/O Module for the Aurora(n)

      The LM-A24 and LM-A4 are specialty analog modules that provide line-level I/O on TRS connectors. Designed to the same exacting standards Lynx converters are known for, they offer pristine transparency, excellent imaging, and ruler-flat frequency response.

      These modules provide an excellent solution for installations requiring a small number of dedicated I/O’s without the requiring an additional break-out cable. They also offer I/O levels up to +24dBu for extended compatibility with other pro studio equipment. An excellent example application is providing separate monitor outputs when other Aurora(n) line outputs are being fed to a summing mixer or to a patchbay for inserts.

      The outputs can easily drive powered monitors and offer precise level control via a low-distortion, digitally-controlled analog attenuator. This analog-domain attenuator maintains a high signal-to-noise ratio over the adjustment range. Monitor speaker protection is provided by output anti-pop relays.

      Input trims, output levels, signal routing and mixing are easily controlled from the Aurora(n) front panel or using Lynx’s NControl application on any Windows or Mac computer.

      These modules are user-installable either in the top position of module 1 or below the LT-USB or LT-TB3.  For Dante and ProTools HD connection methods the LM-A24 or LM-A4 must be installed in the top position of module 1.


      Lynx proprietary 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion

      Four electronically balanced outputs on TRS

      Output level adjustments in 0.5dB increments up to +24dBu

      Two electronically balanced inputs accept levels up to +24Bu on TRS (LM-A24 only)


      Line In (includes A/D Conversion) (LM-A24 only)

      • THD+N: -113dB @1kHz, -1dBFS, 20kHz filter, +20dBu trim
      • Dynamic range: 119dB, A-weighted, -60dBFS signal method
      • Frequency response: ±0.010dB, 20–20kHz
      • Crosstalk: -130dB maximum @ 1kHz, -1dBFS signal
      • Common mode rejection: greater than 80dB
      • Full-scale trim settings: +20dBu, +24dBu
      • Connection: Electronically Balanced TRS

      Line Out (includes D/A Conversion)

      • THD+N: -108dB @1kHz, -1dBFS, 20kHz filter, +20dBu FS setting
      • Dynamic range: 120dB, A-weighted, -60dBFS signal method
      • Frequency response: ±0.025dB, 20–20kHz
      • Crosstalk: -130dB maximum @ 1kHz, -1dBFS signal
      • Output level: -71.5dBu to 24dBu, adjustable in 0.5dB increments in the analog domain
      • Connection: Electronically Balanced TRS


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