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      The Dangerous D-BOX is perfect for the modern workflow and compact environment of the mobile and small-footprint DAW studio setup.

      More and more records are being tracked and mixed in remote or temporary locations with mobile DAW rigs. Control room setups can be tight. A reliable and flexible audio environment is a must. No need to sacrifice mix quality or struggle with monitor control! For integrated monitoring, mixing, and input selection for the computer musician on the go, the Dangerous D-BOX is the uncompromising and affordable solution for all DAW-based musicians and engineers who need to trust what they hear.


      • Mastering grade monitor path, because "you can't mix what you can't hear."
      • Eight channels of summing to restore punch, low end and the stereo soundstage
      • Transparent D/A converter translates the mix across every playback system
      • Two independent 20W headphone amps provide substantial headroom for emotive performances and accurate headphone mixes.
      • 2 Speaker Outputs
      • Affordable for All DAW Studio Owners
      • 8 input dedicated fixed-gain analog summing buss
      • Master output trim with 10dB range
      • Inputs 7-8 with pan control
      • Signal present indicators for all inputs
      • Analog and digital capable input selector designed specifically to facilitate the analog summing workflow
      • Programmable exclusive/additive function- listen to selected inputs individually or combined
      • 2 digital inputs - AES or S/PDIF 32kHZ - 100kHz sample rate
      • Auxiliary stereo analog input- +4 dBU or - 10 dBV programmable
      • Mono function
      • Built-in talkback microphone with "momentoggle" switching
      • 2 headphone outputs with independent level controls
      • Auxiliary talkback switch input


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