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Chandler Limited Germanium 500 MKII

$995 Dólares


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Chandler Limited Germanium 500 MKII

$995 Dólares


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      Feedback control lets you dial in the perfect tone

      The Germ 500 MkII's Feedback control is the key to its incredible tone-shaping ability. Like all amplifiers, the Germ 500 MkII uses feedback (the process of feeding the output signal back into the input of the amplifier) to boost gain. But unlike typical preamplifiers, Chandler Limited's Germ 500 MkII lets you control the amount of signal that's fed back. The Feedback control affects more than just gain, it alters the overall character of the unit, including its total harmonic distortion and frequency response, allowing you to perfectly sculpt the contour of your tone.

      Thick setting lets you add extra dimension to your sound

      One of the features that makes Chandler Limited's full-sized Germanium Pre Amp stand out is its Thick function, which is why they chose to include it when they designed the Germ 500 MkII. This subtle tone-shaping control makes the Germ 500 MkII perfect for adding a gentle low-end swell to sources that sound weak or thin. You'll particularly love the way the Germ 500 MkII's Thick function adds weight to the sound of guitars.

      Time-tested Germanium sound

      Equipped with genuine germanium-transistor-based Drive and Feedback circuits, the Germ 500 MkII lets you dial in luscious lows and creamy highs. Germanium transistors have been instrumental in the most revered preamplifiers and signal processors for decades. That's why Chandler Limited uses germanium transistors in many of their most popular models. With a Germ 500 MkII, that same signature sound is more accessible than ever before!

      Chandler Limited Germ 500 MkII 500 Series Preamplifier Features:
      • The sound and functionality of a Chandler Germanium Pre Amp, in a handy 500 series modular format
      • Class A, germanium-transistor-based drive and feedback circuits for genuine Germanium tone
      • An impressive 65dB of total amplification lets you use an kind of microphone, even low-output ribbons
      • Feedback control allows you to dial in the tonal contour, letting you control the character of your sound
      • Thick control introduces a subtle rise to your low end - perfect for adding girth to guitar tone
      • Front-panel instrument input provides easy access for tracking guitar and bass
      • -15dB pad switch provides a total of 70dB of dynamic range
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