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Chandler Limited Little Devil Compressor

$1,145 Dólares


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Chandler Limited Little Devil Compressor

$1,145 Dólares


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      Following in the rich tradition of English 60s and 70s console design, Chandler Limited enters the 500 race furiously with its new Little Devil Equalizers and Compressors.

      With all discrete circuits, transformer balanced everything, and the American hand made quality you expect from Chandler the Devils combine Chandler’s best designs with the hottest designs from the past.


      • All controls are marked +/- 1 to 6 in the playful Devil spirit of the concept
      • FET Compressor using concepts from both the Chandler Germanium Compressor and the 2264 Comp
      • Input Control
      • Curve selection with zener and germanium diode knees
      • Gain Make Up
      • Ratio in three positions
      • Attack
      • Side chain filter -30, 60, 90, 150, 300hz
      • THD selection
      • Release
      • Hardwire bypass
      • Will run without problem on any 500 series rack and PSU

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