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Chandler Limited Little Devil EQ

$1,335 Dólares


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Chandler Limited Little Devil EQ

$1,335 Dólares


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      If you like fat and punchy sounds, you'll love the Little Devil EQ

      Chandler Limited's Little Devil 500 Series Equalizer is an ideal go-to EQ for in-your-face snares and fat, punchy kick drums. In fact, it sounds great on everything. It delivers rich-sounding and distinctively vintage-flavored EQ, while giving you the modern control you need to sculpt your sound precisely. Designer Wade Goeke's number one rule is that he would not make anything he wouldn't put in his own rack. We'd add that the Little Devil EQ is definitely a piece you want in your rack.

      Your sonic obsession: Chandler's mission

      Recording engineers are always looking for fresh tonal colors and approaches when tracking - it's an obsession. Chandler feeds this addiction with their innovative take on the technologies of the past. They start with painstaking component selection. The Little Devil EQ's parts list reads like a 40-year-old document. Seriously - they just don't build 'em this way anymore. Hand-wired and assembled in the USA, the Little Devil EQ utilizes 100% discrete transistor circuitry and specially wound transformers. Aside from the fact that you'll have this puppy forever, the weapons-grade build quality is a means to an end - the sound. Glorious, fat, supremely musical sound, with amazing headroom. Stock your arsenal with the Chandler Limited Little Devil 500 Series Equalizer.

      Vintage EQ for your 500 Series rack

      Chandler Limited's collection of EQs, compressors/limiters, and preamplifiers are among the best in the industry. Indeed, Chandler Limited's innovative Germanium Series uses classic, smooth-sounding germanium transistors to effectively revive that warm vintage sound palette. What's more, in addition to fantastic outboard gear, Chandler offers up classic sounds in plug-in form with their spot-on emulations of the legendary Abbey Road console. When you want a vintage touch brought to your modern recordings, trust Chandler Limited.

      Chandler Limited Little Devil Equalizer Module Features:

      • English-style console Equalizer module
      • Treble and bass shelf +/- 18dB
      • Treble set to 12k, bass selectable between 50Hz and 110Hz
      • Hi- and Lo-mid +/-18dB, with 7-selection "Q" switching
      • Hi-mid - 8k2, 6k8, 5k6, 5k7, 3k3, 2k7, 1k2
      • Lo-mid - 820, 560, 470, 390, 330, 270, 220
      • 3-position filter - 47, 82, and 150Hz
      • Hardwire bypass
      • Runs on any 500 series rack and Power Supply Unit

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