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Chandler Limited Little Devil Preamp

$995 Dólares


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Chandler Limited Little Devil Preamp

$995 Dólares


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      Flexible input routing

      The flexible input options of the Chandler Little Devil 500 Pre will save you time and effort getting everything set up. You can use either XLR or TRS cables for connecting to the pre, and you can select whether the inputs are high or low impedance. The Little Devil Pre offers up to 66dB of gain to really push your signal. Power your favorite condenser mics with the built-in 48V phantom power supply.

      Powerful tone sculpting tools

      The Chandler Limited Little Devil 500 Pre is also a powerful tool for sculpting the tones you want for your tracks. The bright switch and low cut filter let you sculpt the highs and lows of your signal, and the phase control, well, flips the phase. You'll love the big and open sound of the Little Devil's Class A design. A Feedback/Bias control gives you the ability to change the the way the amplifier reacts. You can increase the harmonic range and the nature of clipping and distorion by simply rotating a knob. You can dial in soft Class A clipping to gushy tube type clipping.

      Your sonic obsession: Chandler's mission

      Recording engineers are always looking for fresh tonal colors and approaches when tracking - it's an obsession. Chandler feeds this addiction with their innovative take on the technologies of the past. They start with painstaking component selection. The Little Devil Preamp's parts list reads like a 40-year-old document. Seriously - they just don't build 'em this way anymore. Hand-wired and assembled in the USA, the Little Devil Pre utilizes 100% discrete transistor circuitry and specially wound transformers. Aside from the fact that you'll have this puppy forever, the weapons-grade build quality is a means to an end - the sound. Glorious, fat, supremely musical sound, with amazing clarity and headroom. Stock your arsenal with the Chandler Limited Little Devil 500 Series Preamp.

      Chandler Limited Little Devil 500 Series Preamp Features:
      • 48V phantom power
      • 66dB of gain
      • Selectable impedance
      • Balanced mic or line inputs
      • Low Cut switch
      • Bright switch
      • Phase switch
      • Feedback/Bias control
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