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Neve 88M Interfaz

$1,245 Dólares


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Neve 88M Interfaz

$1,245 Dólares


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      Como resultado de 3 años de desarrollo, Neve finalmente produjo el producto más solicitado por sus apasionados clientes: Una interfaz de audio, con el legendario sonido AMS-Neve. La 88m tiene la última generación de convertidores ultra-transparentes y de alta fidelidad, aunado a un frente análogo con preamplificadores clase A. Estos preamps están inspirados en los circuitos de la consola 88RS, balancaedos por transformador y con ese sonido clásico de Neve. Estamos muy orgullosos de traerles este gran lanzamiento.



      Legendary Sound for your Desktop

      Designedand manufactured in England by Neve®

      engineers, the Neve 88M dual mic preamp & USB audio interface

      brings the sound of iconic studios, such as Abbey Road, Air, and

      Capitol Studios, into your home studio setup. This robust front-end

      recording system uses the same transformer-balanced technology

      found in Neve's flagship large-format 88RS console. It is

      complemented with mastering-grade AD/DA conversion, producing

      world-class fidelity and premier studio musicality throughout.

      Built to Last

      Housed in a premium yet tough casing, the USB-powered 88M is the

      perfect recording solution for premium home studio environments

      and artists recording on location. As with all Neve equipment, sound

      quality takes ultimate priority, and the 88M is no exception. Premium

      analogue and digital components are utilised at every stage,

      ensuring maximum quality throughout the entire signal path.

      Join the Elite

      Serious artists can spend a small fortune on musical instruments and

      microphones, only to record them through low-quality audio

      interfaces; the 88M is designed to remedy this problem. Integratina

      the 88M audio interface into your home studio places you amongst

      an elite group of audio professionals.

      Specifications :

      • Dual microphone/line/instrument preamplifier powered by 88RS

      console technology

      • 10in/10 out audio interface

      • Big Neve iron - exclusive Marinair ® transformers

      • Neve Colour for all Inputs - Mic, Line and DI are transformer


      • Reference grade 24-bit/192kHz ESS ADC/DAC Chip Set

      • Heavy duty Neve 88R monitor controller

      • Independent high-headroom headphone amplifier

      • ADAT 1/O - expandable digital connectivity for additional inputs and


      • Balanced Inserts - expandable connectivity to a host of outboard


      • Built to last - rugged design featuring Neutrik connectors Neve

      console pots

      • Futureproof-USB3.0 connectivity

      • Bus powered - ideal for recording on the move

      • Plug & Play - class-compliant (Core Audio/ASIO)

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