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Utilizing a passive, mastering-grade signal path, the Shadow Hills Industries Oculus is a no-compromise, no-expense-spared monitoring console. Connect your studio monitors to the Oculus, lean back in your chair, and let your mix's hidden nuances reveal themselves. Featuring five input sources, three stereo speaker outputs, and a subwoofer output, the Oculus has your I/O covered. The Oculus also features two audiophile-quality headphone amplifiers and a console-type talkback matrix. Best of all, you can control your system right from the sweet spot by utilizing the Oculus' intuitive wireless remote pendant.

Extensive I/O and practical features for simplified monitoring

The Oculus is designed to be the central hub of your studio. Five selectable, fully-balanced input sources allow you to connect numerous sources to the Oculus and to switch between them for quick comparisons. Three selectable stereo speaker outputs allow you to quickly ensure that your mix will translate between multiple systems. There's also a dedicated subwoofer output with a trimmable level for each speaker selection.

Adjustable speaker trims deliver accurate sound between monitors

Differences in volume can influence our mixing decisions; after all, louder sounds better. To compensate for this, the Oculus features adjustable speaker trims for equalizing sound pressure levels between monitors.

Wireless remote pendant keeps you in the sweet spot

The Oculus includes an intuitive tactile interface that allows you to control your system wirelessly, ensuring that you never have to leave your monitors' sweet spot. Machined from a solid piece of aluminum, you'll love the remote pendant's sleek and straightforward controls.


  • A passive, mastering-grade signal path ensures purity and transparency
  • Extensive I/O and practical features make for simplified monitoring
  • Class A active buffer for connecting unbalanced sources
  • Adjustable speaker trims deliver equal sound pressure levels between monitors
  • Wireless remote pendant keeps you in the sweet spot
  • Large VU meters let you keep an eye on your levels
  • Two Class A audiophile headphone amplifiers for pristine headphone listening
  • Console-type talkback matrix for easy communication between engineer and artist
  • Cue-follow for switching between external cue signals and the current input source selection
  • Auto-cue automatically engages talkback when you stop recording

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