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      The Little Labs PCP Instrument Distro is, at once, a one-in/three-out guitar splitter, an audiophile-grade direct box/guitar cable line driver, and a trio of pro-to-impedance level interfaces for re-amping. Little Labs now specializes in creating unique and useful tools for the pro audio engineer. Such is the PCP Instrument Distro. With its impressive multi-functionality, it can solve many of your connectivity problems, both live and in the studio.

      Engineer's toolbox for:

      • Electric guitar, bass, and vintage effects
      • One-in/three-out guitar splitter (five when using the mult and line driver)
      • Transformer-isolated guitar level/impedance outputs with phase reverse, ground lift, and level adjust on each output
      • Audiophile-grade direct box and guitar cable line driver
      • Three pro (+4dBu)-to-instrument-level interfaces for re-amping
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