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Pepper Pepper

Little Labs


$600.00 USD


A central hub for engineers and guitarists, Pepper lets you easily interface pro studio equipment with guitar gear - seamlessly, and in either direction. Pepper makes using rack effects with your guitar as easy as a using a stompbox. Parallel audio blending has never been easier! Pepper sports a slew of little lifesaver features that, taken together, add up to a must-have device for your studio or live toolkit. Use it as an instrument preamp, a re-amper, a DI, or as a compact instrument mixer. However you use the Little Labs Pepper, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.


  • Parallel audio blending. Mix pedal and/or pro effects with your dry instrument signal; feed to both your amp and direct out for increased attack and track intelligibility
  • Pre DI and instrument out pedalboard hard-bypass insert and pro-level balanced hard bypass insert, with send and return level trim and external foot switch controls
  • Unique analog nulling level-matching circuitry to assure absolute level matching between your insert in and insert out, ideal for accurate re-amping
  • Instrument load on/off switch provides a 10 mega-ohm impedance with load off and 100k to 2.2 mega-ohm trim adjustable with load on to accommodate all types of pickups
  • State-of-the-art analog circuitry with fully differential amps combined with vintage UTC style transformers on the instrument and the mic-level DI out, for optimum fidelity, full ground isolation, and hum free performance
  • Line-level expansion output for interfacing with other Little Labs products including the Redeye 3D, and the PCP instrument distro; increasing input flexibility and adding extra isolated outputs for remote amp placement over long distances
  • Easily turn your guitar pedal into pro gear and vice-versa
  • Rackmountable with the optional Little Labs rakl; up to four Little Labs devices fit in a 1U space


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