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      The Shadow Hills Industries Quad GAMA 4-channel microphone preamplifier is ready to be your go-to mic pre for any task. A formidable piece of no-compromise engineering, the Quad GAMA (Golden Age Microphone Amp) delivers massive, punchy, full-frequency sonics with extraordinary depth and "air." You'll love the richness of vocals and acoustic guitars through the Quad GAMA, and the unique transformer switching matrix lets you shape your tone to suit any type of material. The Quad GAMA is even excellent at breathing life into mediocre line-level sources.

      Exceptional clarity and transient response

      At the heart of the Quad GAMA is the Shadow Hills Discrete Operational Amplifier. Notable for its exceptional clarity and lightning-fast transient response, this op amp is responsible for the Quad GAMAs remarkable transparency and absence of coloration. If you've got a track that needs coloration, however - read on.

      Switchable output transformers for sonic variety

      You have remarkable control over the tone and vibe of your music with the Shadow Hills Industries Quad GAMA, thanks to three switchable output transformers. Switching transformers provides a subtle but significant tonal shift, allowing you to choose the right vibe for your material. Choose from iron, nickel, or steel output transformers to get the iconic sound of different styles of classic mic preamps.

      Get the right sound at the source

      The Shadow Hills Industries Quad GAMA deliverrs the world-class sound quality you need to produce great material every time, but its incredible flexibility is the main reason you need it in your studio's rack. Once you experiment with the transformer switching matrix, you'll find yourself using that to capture the right vibe before reaching for EQ or other problem solvers. By having multiple sonic flavors in one mic pre, the Quad GAMA lets you spend less time getting the right sound and more time recording great music. And as any experienced engineer knows, if you get the right sound during tracking, mixing becomes much easier and much more creative.


      • Four top-notch Golden Age Microphone Amps with switchable output transformers for incredible sonic versatility
      • Discrete Operational Amplifier gives you amazing clarity and fast transient response
      • Original Jensen input transformer impeccable audio quality
      • Stepped rotary attenuator gives you easy repeatability of settings
      • DI input, fitted with pad and phase reverse
      • Exceptional build quality
      • Requires Shadow Hills Power Supply, not included
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