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Rupert Neve RNDI



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      The Rupert Neve Designs RNDI. Sporting fastidiously developed custom transformers and Class A biased, discrete FET amplifiers, the RNDI makes your bass, guitar, keyboard - or any instrument with a piezo pickup - sound massive and amazing. If you record music or do live sound, you take signals direct all the time. Might as well invest in a killer direct box: Rupert Neve Designs' RNDI.

      The Neve of direct boxes

      With its high input headroom, you can feed the RNDI a pro line-level source without a pad, and in Speaker mode, the RNDI can handle the full brunt of a 1000W power amp (for you EE types, that's +41.5dBU). The RNDI also sports impressive phase coherence, unrivaled amongst its peers. Trust us - you'll really appreciate this feature when you're blending a mic and a direct signal together! The Rupert Neve Designs RNDI is essential kit. We all need at least one.


      • Big and bold direct tone for basses, guitars, keyboards, and Piezo-equipped instruments
      • Custom transformers deliver powerful low end and sweet highs without sacrificing clarity
      • Flat frequency response within the audible 20Hz-20KHz range
      • Extended response below 10Hz and above 100KHz
      • Transformer and active circuits provide complete circuit isolation
      • Extremely low output impedance and phase shift provide excellent, consistent results
      • 1/4" In and Thru jacks; gold-plated XLR output
      • Speaker/Instrument and ground lift switches; LED current consumption meter
      • 48V Phantom powered
      • Rugged steel chassis built to withstand life on the road
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