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RS124 Compressor

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RS124 Compressor

$2,875 Dólares



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      Chandler Limited RS124 Compressor at a Glance:

      • Put a legendary compressor in your rack
      • What the RS124 can do for you
      • Your sonic obsession: Chandler's mission

      Put a legendary compressor in your rack

      The Abbey Road RS124 is a holy-grail compressor. It has a lovely, colorful sound, and a colorful back story. In the late 1950s, EMI procured several Altec 436B tube compressors for their London studios. In 1960, EMI engineers modified them so heavily (and as they were never used outside of Abbey Road), they felt comfortable re-naming them, and thus, the RS124 was born. Imagine getting your hands on the compressor that was used on virtually every Beatles recording made at Abbey Road Studios! The RS124 lives on, courtesy of Chandler Limited. The Chandler Limited RS124 sounds incredible - and like no other compressor you've ever used.

      What the RS124 can do for you

      The RS124's smooth, creamy sonic character and transient-taming prowess comes without a hint of muffling during heavy compression. Once you use the Chandler Limited RS124, you'll find out what Abbey Road engineers quickly realized: this is an indispensable tool for tracking, bus compression, mixing, and mastering. Along with original Input, Output, and Recovery (release) controls and the unique Hold setting, the Chandler Limited RS124 ups the ante with modern features like adjustable attack, selectable output impedance, and the cutting-edge SuperFuse. Google up some photos of Abbey Road Studios in the 1960s. You will see an RS124 in just about every control room. Wouldn't it be great to have one (or two) in yours?

      Your sonic obsession: Chandler's mission

      Recording engineers are always looking for fresh tonal colors when tracking, mixing, and mastering - it's an obsession. Chandler Limited feeds this addiction with their innovative take on the technologies of the past. They start with painstaking component selection. Every parts list reads like a 50-year-old document. Take it from Sweetwater - they just don't build 'em this way anymore. Hand-wired and assembled in their Shell Rock, Iowa, factory, Chandler Limited hardware utilizes only the highest-quality tubes and components, 100% discrete-transistor circuitry, and specially wound transformers. Aside from the fact that you'll have this gear forever, the weapons-grade build quality is a means to an end - the sound. Glorious, fat, supremely musical sound, with amazing headroom.

      Chandler Limited RS124 Compressor Features:

      • A spot-on re-creation of the legendary Abbey Road RS124
      • Optimized for use in modern studio environments
      • Versatile design with multiple sonic personalities
      • Variable Input and Output Attenuation controls
      • Attack: selectable, stepped (9 settings)
      • Recovery: selectable, stepped (6 settings, plus Hold)
      • 2U steel rackmount chassis
      • XLR input and output, transformer-balanced (custom-wound)
      • Output impedance: 200/600 ohms, switchable
      • SuperFuse (switchable mode)
      • Hand-wired and assembled in Chandler's Shell Rock, Iowa, factory
      • Mastering version with stepped Input/Output modification
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