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Aston Spirit Black Bundle

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Aston Spirit Black Bundle

$519 Dólares


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      The Aston Spirit Black Bundle is a limited edition studio production set features a highly collectable, black textured version of Aston's flagship condenser mic, the Spirit, plus the best-in-class Aston Swiftshield pop filter and shock mount set – everything you need for high-class recordings of vocals, instruments and most other sound sources. Only 1500 will be made, so you’ll need to be quick!

      Aston Spirit

      The Aston Spirit is a high-performance switchable pattern microphone utilizing a 1” gold evaporated capsule. A switch on the mic body selects from Omni, Cardioid or Figure-of-Eight polar patterns. It is versatile enough to use with most instruments and excels on vocals and acoustic guitar. The capsule, selected by the Aston 33, is paired with high-end transformer balanced circuitry using only the best components.

      The Spirit is designed to deliver a beautifully open sound with sparkling harmonics. This highly accurate microphone gives a stunningly natural and transparent recording, capturing all the detail in the high range but without adding the harshness of some condenser microphones.


      • Cardioid/Figure-8/Omni Directional Polar Patterns
      • Wave-Form Mesh Head
      • Built in Pop-Filter
      • Shock-Mount built in
      • Unique Finish on every microphone
      • Eco Friendly Packaging
      • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz (±3 dB)
      • Maximum SPL for THD 0.5%: 127 dB
      • Pad Switch: -10 dB
      • Low-Cut Filter: 80 Hz
      • 48 Volt Phantom power (±4 Volts) is required for operation

      Aston Swiftshield

      The Aston SwiftShield combines the Swift shock mount and the Shield pop filter to provide the perfect setup for your Spirit mic. The Aston Swift shock mount takes microphone mounting to the next level of ease. With 2 quick release spring clips designed to fit the Spirit, Origin, and a wide range of other mics from 40-60mm diameter, mounting your microphone takes seconds.

      Aston have re-envisioned the shock system, and as with all their products worked from the ground up on an entirely new design idea. The ‘ShockStar’ suspension eliminates the need for fiddly rubber bands, but offers a high level of elasticity for maximum isolation.

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