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Avid Interfaz HD 16x16 Digital

$1,999 Dólares


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Avid Interfaz HD 16x16 Digital

$1,999 Dólares


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      Avid Pro Tools|HDX is, by far, the most powerful, versatile, and professional DAW system to ever hit the recording world. Each Pro Tools|HDX system includes Avid's unrivaled Pro Tools HD software, unparalleled HDX DSP-acceleration hardware, and a top-of-the-line HD series audio interface. The result: a system that can do more and sound better than any other audio recording and production platform ever.

      This Avid Pro Tools|HDX Complete Production System at a Glance:
      • Pro Tools HD DAW software: the most advanced DAW recording software on the market
      • Avid HDX DSP-acceleration gives you massive processing power
      • HD Omni I/O Avid HD series recording interface
      Pro Tools HD DAW software: the most advanced DAW recording software on the market

      Avid Pro Tools HD is the most comprehensive audio and music production environment to date. Powerful new AAX plug-ins, ultra-fast workflows, and over 50 more exciting new features give you more flexibility than ever before. Whether you run a recording facility, editing suite, or post-production house, Avid Pro Tools HD is going to rock your world!

      Disk Caching lets you load your entire sessions into RAM, giving you instant response and incredible real-time editing capabilities. Pro Tools HD also gives you advanced Mida Composer integration and network storage compatibility - must haves for post work. There's a ton to know about Avid Pro Tools HD, so be sure to call your Sales Engineer with any questions you may have.

      Avid HDX DSP-acceleration gives you massive processing power

      Each Avid HDX card is like having about the equivalent of an HD3 or HD4 system on a single card. To put it mildly, that's a ton of DSP power for your DAW! What's more, there's a separate FPGA processor for your mix bus, so all of your HDX card's DSP power is dedicated to running plug-ins. Each HDX card gives you 256 voices, a full four times the routing capacity of an Accel card. That means you can freely use Avid's new AAX plug-ins, without worrying about running out of voices.

      Here's where it gets even cooler. HDX cards and AAX plug-ins are ready for a 64-bit world. Although Pro Tools HD is still in transition from 32-bit to 64-bit, you still get the advantages of onboard 64-bit architecture. For one thing, the HDX summing bus is true 64-bit, giving you amazing headroom to mix with. Speaking of headroom, Pro Tools|HDX also gives you 32-bit floating-point processing between plug-ins, increasing your mix bus's dynamic range to over 1,000dB. That makes clipping and dither buildup things of the past.

      Avid Pro Tools HD DAW Software Features:
      • Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software for Mac and PC
      • NEW: Support for Avid's HDX cards and AAX plug-in format
      • NEW: Disk Caching lets you cache your entire sessions into RAM, dramatically speeding up your workflow
      • NEW: read and record from flash drives, RAID systems, and server storage systems such as Avid's ISIS 5000.
      • NEW: increased Automatic Delay Compensation (up to 16,383 samples)
      • NEW: sessions can contain various audio file types and formats
      • NEW: Down Mixer sums sessions from up to 7.1 surround down to 5.1, 2.1, 2.0, and even mono mixes
      • NEW: 32-bit floating-point audio lets you store higher-quality audio
      • NEW: Clip Gain adds dynamic volume flexibility and increases integration with Media composer
      • NEW: upgraded AudioSuite processing includes handles, whole file processing, and reverse delay/reverb processing
      • NEW: Channel Strip plug-in format delivers the sound of the legendary System 5 console
      • NEW: advanced EUCON support adds over 500 controllable commands to your EUCON-equipped control surface plus EUCON support for XMON
      • NEW: Real-time fades eliminate the need for fade files and allow you to apply fades with the timeline running
      • NEW: rewritten Disc Scheduler is more forgiving for slower hard drives and allows use of netword access storage drives
      • NEW: handy visual indicators for mutes and solos
      • NEW: Bus Interrogation lets you track your signal flow
      • NEW: Export Selected Tracks as New Session command make collaboration easier
      • NEW: 24-hour timeline support for enhanced post-production compatibility
      • NEW: Export to iTunes and Export to SoundCloud
      • Works with any audio interface or standalone
      • Automatic Delay Compensation
      • Multitrack Beat Detective and Elastic Audio let you correct timing across all of your tracks
      • Up to 256 simultaneous audio tracks
      • Up to 192 inputs
      • OMF/AAF/MXF Interchange Support Built In
      • MP3 Export Option with built in
      • Full time code support with feet and frames rulers
      • Adjustable stereo pan depth feature
      • Over 70 plug-ins and virtual instruments for sound shaping
      • Score Editor and MIDI Editor windows for comprehensive composing
      • Create a flawless performance using track compositing features
      • Automation and controller lanes provide easy editing access
      • QuickTime HD support on Mac OS X-based systems
      Avid HDX DSP-acceleration Card Features:
      • Incredible DSP power for Avid's AAX plug-in format
      • 3-7 times the power of an HD Accel system on a single PCIe card
      • FPGA mix processor frees up DSPs for powering plug-ins
      • Up to 256 voiceable tracks per card
      • Up to 64 channels of simultaneous I/O per card
      • Connect up to four HD series interfaces per card
      • 64-bit floating-point summing sounds amazing
      • 32-bit floating-point processing between plug-ins preserves quality and dramatically increases headroom
      • Expand your system by adding more HDX cards
      • 64-bit-ready architecture is ready for the future of Pro Tools HD
      HD I/O (16 x 16 Digital) Avid HD series recording interface

      The HD I/O from Avid offers unrivaled fidelity and lower latency than any HD series interface to date. To make tracking with the HD I/O easier than ever, Avid gave it their fantastic soft-knee analog limiter. This dynamics processor, named Curv, catches fast transients, letting you track hotter without clipping. What's more, the Curv won't unnecessarily color your sound, so you get top-quality completely headache free. This version of the HD I/O is equipped with 16 channels of digital I/O.

      Avid HD I/O (16 x 16 Digital) Audio Interface Features:

      Power supply improves noise performance and jitter
      Lower latency
      Updated digital card
      192kHz AES/EBU and S/PDIF single-wire
      ADAT S/MUX II and S/MUX IV (enclosure and expansion card)
      "Curv" analog limiting circuitry on input
      16 channels of AES/EBU I/O (supports 192kHz single-wire and dual-wire)
      16 channels of TDIF I/O
      16 channels of ADAT I/O (supports S/MUX II and IV)
      Additional digital I/O: 2 channels of AES/EBU I/O (supports 192kHz single-wire), 2 channels of S/PDIF I/O, 8 channels of ADAT I/O (supports S/MUX II and IV)
      Two empty bays for I/O expansion
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