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GML 8200 - EQ de 2 canales

$6,600 Dólares


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GML 8200 - EQ de 2 canales

$6,600 Dólares


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      With astonishing precision and sonic accuracy, the GML 8200 Parametric Equalizer has been an industry standard for over two decades. Its operational characteristics have been honed through many years of use in the most critical recording and mixing situations and can be found on virtually every major recording studio’s stereo bus. Each of the five broadly-overlapping bands offers 15dB of Boost or Cut and adjustable bandwidth (or “Q”) from 0.4 to 4. The lowest and highest bands also can be switched to Shelf mode. Quite simply, the 8200 is the archetype Stereo Parametric Equalizer. Its extraordinary resolution, benchmark transparency, generous headroom, and surgical precision have been the reference for many other equalizers but exceeded by no other.


      • All-discrete, Class-A design; no integrated circuits to compromise the audio path
      • No interstage or coupling capacitors to add distortion or degrade over time
      • Transformerless; precision electronically balanced input buffer and DCservo stabilized direct-coupled output
      • Carbon-film precision potentiometers, manufactured to GML exacting standards
      • Designed with GML 9202 low-noise, low-distortion, wide dynamic range, wide bandwidth precision discrete opamp
      • No tantalum, ceramic, or electrolytic capacitors in the signal path
      • Precious-metal interconnects
      • High-quality XLR interconnects, Au over Ag
      • Illuminated push-button switches for "EQ In" and "EQ Out"
      • LED power indicator
      • Multi-colored knobs, GML standard
      • Rugged and stylish black-anodized aluminum chassis
      • Reverse-anodized lettering, much more permanent than ink or paint processes
      • Quality PCB manufacturing, assembly, and chassis construction



      • Channels: Dual-Channel
      • Chassis: 19-in Rackmount
      • Rack Spaces: 2u
      • Input Connectors: Analog XLR
      • Output Connectors: Analog XLR
      • EQ Type: Parametric

      * Los tiempos de espera sol estimados que se ofrecen en buena fe, basados sobre la información más actual del fabricante, pero están sujetos a cambios sin previo aviso. La producción y tiempos de entrega dependen de una serie de factores agenos a Audio Gate y sus afiliados. 

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