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Antelope AMARI

$3,195 Dólares


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Antelope AMARI

$3,195 Dólares


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      Reference-grade USB AD/DA converter and headphone amplifier



      For home audio users who seek high-end sound quality suitable for archiving, AMÁRI is a reference grade AD/DA converter, that delivers 24-bit 384 kHz conversion and DSD256 support, an easy-to-use interface and trademark Antelope clocking. Unlike other audiophile converters AMÁRI has 2 headphone outputs with user-selectable output resistance, which works as headphone membrane weight compensation.

      384 KHZ, 24-BIT CONVERSION

      This mastering-grade converter offers the industry-acclaimed Antelope Audio 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management technology & up to 384 kHz, 24-bit conversion.


      AMÁRI offers top of its class D/A converter performance by implementing an unique 8 × DAC architecture (4 × CS43198 chips per channel). This enhances the stereo image, expands depth perception and unveils all the musical details with its 138 dB dynamic range. Apart from the main DAC, the headphone outs feature dual DAC architecture for maximum performance, just like the main A/D converter – using one AK5578 chip per channel, boosting the dynamic range up to 128dB.


      Unique headphone membrane weight compensation system with user-selectable output resistance.



      AMÁRI’s 2 high-power stereo headphone outputs (on XLR connectors) feature individual volume controls (capped at 20dBu max), with digital trim and selectable output impedance – from -4.6 to 85.3 Ohm, available in 17 control steps. These options let you configure AMÁRI for ideal compatibility with your favorite headphones, matching their impedance for best performance. AMÁRI’s high-fidelity headphone driver chip offers fully differential input (per amplifier). It is a dual-amp design, optimized to eliminate possible temperature drifts and deliver differential signal quality. The headphone outs also feature dual DAC architecture for maximum performance.


      This mastering-grade converter offers Antelope Audio’s industry acclaimed 4th generation of Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) technology up to 384 kHz at 24-bits.



      • OS: Windows 10
      • Disk Space: Minimum 512 MB available disk space
      • USB: 1x USB 2.0/3.0 Port
      • CPU: Intel or AMD equivalent CPU with at least 2GHz operating frequency
      • Memory (RAM): 4GB Minimum (8GB or more Recommended)


      • OS X: 10.11 and above (High Sierra recommended)
      • Disk Space: Minimum 512 MB available disk space
      • USB: 1x USB 2.0/3.0 Port


      • High-End 24-bit 384 kHz for play back and recording
      • A/D – Dual AK5578 ADC chips - dynamic Range 128 dB
      • D/A -Eight CS43198 DAC chips - dynamic range of 138 dB
      • DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256 formats supported (DSD over PCM a.k.a. DoP) playback
      • 2 headphone outputs with dedicated volume control for each output with user-selectable output resistance (a.k.a. headphone membrane weight compensation) that can be switched to balanced mode
      • Standard and Balanced mode for Headphones
      • 4th Generation 64-Bit Acoustically Focused Clocking
      • 10M Atomic Clock Input and Word Clock Input for better system integration and improved audio clarity
      • 2 pairs of Analog Ins on combo XLR and RCA
      • 2 pairs of Analog Outs on combo XLR and TRS
      • AES/EBU, S/PDIF and TOSLINK I/O.
      • Large touchscreen display to ease the advanced functions control and visualization
      • USB 3.1 Connection for playback and recording
      • Software Control Panel for flexibility and advanced functionality both on MAC and PC
      • Stunning design

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