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Antelope Audio - Edge Note (Modeling Microphone)

$149 Dólares


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Antelope Audio - Edge Note (Modeling Microphone)

$149 Dólares


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      A next generation modeling microphone with impressive recording capabilities, allowing you to get creative by applying the sound of more than a dozen classic microphone models. The Antelope Audio Edge Note is a perfect studio solution for capturing a wide range of musical instruments. Thanks to its exceptionally high Sound Pressure level and extra features like the Pad attenuation and High-pass filter make the Edge Note the ideal choice for instrumentalists, sound engineers and studio owners who are searching for a flexible, high-quality affordable recording tool.

      • Mic modeling technology reproduces the sound of classic microphone models either natively inside your DAW or via FPGA processing inside an Antelope interface (in real time)
      • High sound pressure level provides plenty of headroom to record loud sources such as drums, guitars, brass instruments and more.
      • Pad attenuator functionality with -10 and -20 dB ensures virtually zero distortion or clipping–even with the loudest sources.
      • Compact size and stylish black matte color
      • Fully compatible with 3rd party audio interfaces, optimized for use with Antelope Audio discrete technology preamps


      The Edge Note takes on the character of some of the finest small diaphragm mics in existence, delivering stunning detail and realism.

      A total of 13 mic emulations reproduce the sound of legendary microphones used in the best recordings from the last century. They can be used in real-time with an Antelope interface (via Synergy Core processing). If the user doesn’t have an Antelope interface, a native plug-in emulation is available for any DAW and the microphone emulations can be easily applied to the dry audio recording.

      *iLok 2 or 3 required to use emulations as native plugins within your DAW


      The flat frequency response of the Edge Note provides an exceptionally clean signal. Capturing the smallest detail of an acoustic guitar or a graceful cello becomes an easy task. Capturing audio in the most neutral way without dramatically boosting frequencies across the spectrum ensures that when applied, the mic emulations will sound as close as possible to the original microphone being emulated.


      With an astonishing S.P..L of 146 dB, the Edge Note is an excellent choice for recording the loudest sources. Get the most out of a drummer’s performance or a blasting trumpet solo without clipping the converter. For particularly demanding scenarios, the attenuation pad can reduce the level with -10 or -20 dB. Additionally, the high-pass filter facilitates the handling of the low-end frequencies and negative aspects of the proximity effect.


      • 13 microphone emulations of classic microphone models
      • Back-electret design provides transparent, balanced sound, & accurate transient responses
      • Cardioid polar pattern suitable for wide variety of recording scenarios
      • Frequency response of 20 Hz – 20 kHz covers the audible spectrum
      • Signal-to-noise ratio of 69 dB
      • Pad attenuation switch (-10 db and -20 dB) improves close-miking of loud sources, ensuring a clean signal without distortion
      • Maximum sound pressure level of 146 dB
      • High-pass filter switch (75 Hz and 115 Hz) eliminates low-frequency rumble and compensates for proximity effect
      • Metal housing and black-matte finish provides style and endurance
      • Includes shock mount holder to eliminate unwanted vibrations and provide easy positioning
      • 48V DC Phantom Power required


      Edge Note comes with 13 mic emulations, accessible via native plug-in or within an Antelope interface:

      • Aalborg 4006
      • Berlin 184
      • Berlin K53
      • Berlin K54
      • Berlin K86
      • Freiburg 6
      • Hamburg 211
      • Hamburg 40
      • Hamburg 441
      • Illinois 57
      • Illinois 7B
      • Perth 55
      • Vienna D112
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