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Antelope | Glaxy 32 Synergy Core

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Antelope | Glaxy 32 Synergy Core

$5,396 Dólares


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      The Galaxy 32 Synergy Core sets a new performance standard in its class by expanding the capabilities of the Orion 32 line with Dante audio networking and Synergy Core processing. Designed for professional recording studios and high-profile production and broadcasting facilities, the interface offers 32 channels of analog I/O with mastering grade AD/DA conversion and clocking as well as industry standard HDX and Thunderbolt for easy integration with your setup.


      Full integration, more flexibility

      The multi-channel box allows you to connect all your gear into an 1U rack-mountable chassis. Aside from taking on the role of a patch bay, the interface handles all routing, recording, and monitoring and allows you to easily interconnect multiple rooms. Placing the Galaxy 32 Synergy Core as the hub of your setup means less complexity and pristine conversion for all connected gear.

      Transfer audio easily with Dante

      The interface utilizes Dante to seamlessly fit into your existing audio-over-IP network, or as the foundation of your very first network for digital audio transfer. With Galaxy 32 Synergy Core as the hub of your interconnected system you have 64 channels of audio via Dante as well as the entire I/O of the device available at all times. Simply connect a LAN Ethernet cable and your entire facility becomes a beneficiary of the interface’s features and conversion. A secondary, mirrored port is also available for redundancy.

      Unrivaled sound for your entire studio

      With Galaxy 32 Synergy Core you can capture your recordings with flawless precision and no coloration, and monitor your mix with mastering-grade quality. Utilizing the same 64-bit AFC™ clocking from high-end master clocks like the Isochrone Trinity guarantees the quality of the AD/DA conversion, which over the years has proven irreplaceable for some of the most acclaimed studios in the world. This makes the interface the essential source of true sound every professional audio engineer needs.


      • 32 analog input channels over 4 × D-Sub 25 connectors with AC/DC coupling switch (TASCAM standard);

      • 32 analog output channels over 4 × DC-coupled D-Sub 25 connectors (TASCAM standard);

      • Dante™ audio over IP with primary port for audio transfer over long distances and a mirrored secondary port for redundancy;

      • 2 × HDX ports (24-bit, 192kHz): up to 64 channels I/O for Pro Tools HD / HDX integration;

      • Thunderbolt™ 3 port with custom macOS & Windows drivers for low latency performance in native DAW applications;

      • Digital I/O: 64 channels of optical MADI, 8 channels of ADAT, and 2 channels over S/PDIF;

      • Clocking I/O: 1 × word clock/loop sync input, 2 × word clock/loop sync outputs, 1 × 10М input;

      • 1 × Dedicated stereo monitor output over ¼ TRS.


      • Proprietary 64-bit AFC™ (Acoustically Focused Clocking) technology delivering spacious stereo image with distinct separation for an unrivalled level of detail;

      • High-resolution A/D and D/A conversion ensuring artefact-free recordings and mastering-grade converter with 130dB headroom for critical listening without coloration or signal degradation.


      • Collection of 37 Synergy Core effects modeled after classic and rare analog outboard gear;

      • Synergy Core proprietary onboard platform powered by 6 × DSP & 2 × FPGA chips for real-time effects processing with imperceptible latency;

      • Up to 128 real-time effects instances per session loaded simultaneously.


      • Virtual patch-bay allowing execution of complicated input/output signal routing with a simple drag and drop;

      • All digital ports can be used simultaneously for easy integration with multiple systems and different setups;

      • 4 x onboard low-latency stereo mixers with 32 input channels each, with adjustable levels, panning and reverb settings – suitable for monitoring or summing;

      • Customizable presets complete with signal routing, level adjustments, mixer settings and effects;

      • Direct monitoring with effects, processed in real-time with imperceptible latency;

      • Two 1.8″ IPS display screens for independent signal metering;

      • Option to work without being connected to a computer (standalone operation);

      • Wireless control of software features from a separate computer connected to the same network. 

      Note: The device does not come with a Thunderbolt cable included



      W: 48,3 cm (19 in); D: 27,9 cm (11 in); H: 4,4 cm (1,73 in); 3,4 kg (7,5 lbs)


      W: 63,6 cm (2

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