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Audeze CRBN Electrostatic

$4,500 Dólares


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Audeze CRBN Electrostatic

$4,500 Dólares


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      Breakthrough Electrostatic Technology

      Featuring the most advanced electrostatic technology in decades, Audeze proudly introduces the CRBN electrostatic headphone (pronounced “carbon”), which features a new Patent-pending polymer film with suspended carbon nanotubes to eliminate problems commonly found in previous electrostatic designs. Originally developed for MRI medical applications, we've adapted those innovations for the audiophile version of CRBN, which top audio professionals have called the best sounding electrostatic headphone to-date.

      Every CRBN is Made to Order!

      • Patent-pending carbon nanotube film
      • Works with all 580 Volt Pro Bias amplifiers
      • Accurate low frequency performance
      • Excellent dynamic range
      • Lightweight and very comfortable
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