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Black Lion Audio Patchbay PBR TRS3

$219 Dólares


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Black Lion Audio Patchbay PBR TRS3

$219 Dólares


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      Studio grade connectivity
      The PBR TRS3 is a 48-point TRS patchbay suitable for the most robust routing imaginable in a single rack space, loaded with 96 audiophile-grade gold-plated 1/4″ TRS connectors for maximum conductivity and signal clarity. You’ll easily interconnect your preamps and other outboard hardware via its audiophile-grade, secure connections.

      Limitless flexibility
      You’ll reconfigure your entire studio’s routing at a moment’s notice (while cutting down on cable clutter! The rear-mounted 3-way mode switches allow for Normal, Half-normal, and Thru operation, delivering unlimited routing potential for mults, bypassing, monitoring, and parallel processing.

      Road-worthy construction
      Black Lion’s team of engineers have worked tirelessly to ensure that the PBR TRS3 delivers proper quality through-and-through. The PBR TRS3 is also built Black Lion-tough, with a reinforced steel chassis and black-anodized aluminum faceplates that make for a matched and sophisticated look.
      Custom patch labels are available at blacklionaudio.com or from our partners at PatchCAD.

      Not your average patchbays.
      Configure your studio with the best: Black Lion Audio PBR Series Patchbays. Your recordings deserve the best, and maintaining a great signal path is crucial!


      • 48-Point Gold-Plated TRS Patchbay with 3-way switching
      • 96 audiophile-grade gold-plated 1/4″ TRS connectors
      • Rear-mounted 3-way mode switches for Normal, Half-normal, and Thru operation
      • Black-anodized aluminum faceplate and reinforced steel chassis
      • Includes front panel labels
      • Exceptional value for the price

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