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Buzz Audio MA-2.2BTX Preamp

$2,660 Dólares


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Buzz Audio MA-2.2BTX Preamp

$2,660 Dólares


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      The Buzz Audio MA-2.2BTX Preamp has all the same well-loved features as the standard MA-2.2B, but features a Lundahl output transformer, providing a warmer tone than the original.

      The circuitry used in the MA-2.2B preamp was developed by Buzz Audio designer Tim Farrant in the 1990's and was dubbed "True Class A". The resulting BE40 series of amplifiers exhibit a very wide frequency response (into the megahertz ) and ultra-fast slew rates (140V/uS) even at 60dB of gain. These attributes, plus the inherently low distortion provide the exceptionally pure top-end sound of the MA-2.2B.

      In addition, the over-engineered power supply design with localized Class A regulators for each amplifier stage supplies the grunt needed for an authoritative and accurate bottom end - it sounds tight and never overblown.


      • Lundahl amorphous core LL1684 output transformer
      • Functions are controlled with illuminated push button switches with "clickless" operation -- no more thumps on the output.
      • The gain pot has been replaced with a calibrated 24 position Elma switch for accurate stereo matching between channels.
      • Useful 19 segment peak output level meter.
      • Original audio and power supply design of the MA-2.2 has been retained.
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