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Buzz Audio REQ-2.2

$7,500 Dólares


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Buzz Audio REQ-2.2

$7,500 Dólares


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      The Buzz Audio REQ-2.2 ME Mastering Equalizer utilizes parallel resonant circuits in a clever configuration whereby the bandwidth (Q) of the circuit can be adjusted like an active filter, but without any complex relay switching. The inductor/capacitor resonant "tank" EQ circuit runs at a low internal signal level which avoids any inductor saturation effects. The overall result is the sound of real choke based filters with a big open sound, but without the limitation of only a few - or no bandwidth selections as found on traditional choke EQs.

      Mastering version includes a choke filter low band.


      As you would expect, the REQ uses our BE40 True Class A circuits developed for the MA-2.2 microphone amplifier for superlative audio performance. It also utilizes our BE44 discrete line driver at the output that acts like a transformer and can respond to balanced or unbalanced loads.

      But sometimes you might need a bit more color, so we have included a saturation section that introduces measured amounts of low frequency harmonic distortion via a steel audio transformer driven by a single ended transistor amplifier. The High Pass Filter is placed in the beginning of the EQ chain and the Low Band EQ section is placed last in the chain. This layout produces the best overall equalizer coherency.


      The large knobs and positive feel of the switching make the REQ a pleasure to operate and everything is visually clear when mounted into a console. In total there are 72 frequency choices per channel with overlapping selections across the four bands so you can always find the centre frequency you are looking for. A looping line XLR input and two parallel XLR outputs provide flexible connection options in the mastering control room. Finally, low glare rustic silver finish and retro Elma knobs give the REQ an impressive look in your rack!


      Each EQ band has a 12 position switch to select the FREQUENCY and another that selects the BANDWIDTH or shape of the bell shape curve (Q) which is adjustable from 1/3 octave to 2 octaves wide. On the High and Low bands, the BANDWIDTH control reverts to shelf SLOPE control when SHELF mode is selected via the push button switch (but not with the Active Low Band option fitted). The Low and High Mid bands frequency range is changed to alternative selections when the FREQ x2.5 mode is selected. Each band also has an IN/OUT switch removing the band completely from the signal path. The BOOST/CUT control is a 23 position Elma switch with a range of ±8 dB, with 0.5 dB steps up to 3 dB then 1 dB steps to 8 dB. Custom ranges and steps can be supplied to special order.


      • No other equalizer like it in the world
      • Fully discrete hi-bias wide bandwidth differential Class A amplifiers
      • Real choke and capacitor resonant circuits that sound fantastic
      • 72 frequency choices per channel
      • Individual discrete power supply regulators for each EQ band
      • Large easy to adjust knobs
      • High quality long life switches and potentiometers
      • Modular internal construction for easy future servicing
      • Mastering and recording versions
      • Unique transformer saturation module
      • Overall and individual band bypass switches
      • High-end balanced input and output amplifiers
      • Input connectors with loop through
      • Two output connectors on each channel
      • Rugged chassis construction
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