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Telefunken C12

$9,995 Dólares


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Telefunken C12

$9,995 Dólares


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      Perfect for vocals, drum overheads, and acoustic instruments, Telefunken's C12 tube condenser microphone gives you uncompromising performance and stunningly natural-sounding results. This large-diaphragm condenser features omni, cardioid, and figure-8 polar patterns, and you can variably adjust between them. You'll love this mic's clarity, pleasing midrange character, and smooth top end. The dedicated lunchbox-style power supply features an external pattern selector. A locking flight case and a wooden storage box are also included.

      Built like the original

      Like the classic C12 microphones of yesterday, the Telefunken C12 tube condenser mic is built using the original specifications. The large diaphragm and transformer are made by utilizing the original manufacturer's technical specifications, and the transformer is even made by the same manufacturer as the vintage ones were. Telefunken even uses an NOS microphone-grade tube in the C12 to capture that classic sound.

      Real tube-fired tone that will impress

      You can't deny the warmth of tube-driven mics. Telefunken's C12 tube condenser microphone sports a new old stock 6072a tube. You'll love the warm and detailed, accurate sound that this mic gives you, thanks to its tube design. Get that elusive tube mic sound with the Telefunken C12 tube condenser microphone.

      Variable polar patterns offer recoding flexibility

      Not just a one-trick-pony, the Telefunken C12 tube condenser microphone's power supply features switchable polar patterns. You get omni, cardioid, figure-8, and six other intermediate stages. In other words, no matter what you're miking, the C12 has a polar pattern to maximize it. Use the omni pattern to catch the sound of a great room or a group of singers, cardioid to reject unwanted sounds, and figure-8 is great for mid-side recording. The versatile and flexible Telefunken C12 tube condenser mic is ready for any session.


      • Reissue of the classic C12 microphone
      • The smooth top end and warm sound that only a tube mic can deliver
      • Selectable omni, cardioid, figure-8, and 6 other intermediate polar pattern stages
      • Custom-built transformer is true to the original specs and even built by the original manufacturer
      • Microphone grade 6072a tube delivers stellar sound and performance
      • Incredibly realistic and detailed sound reproduction

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