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Audeze LCD-4z

$3,995 Dólares


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Audeze LCD-4z

$3,995 Dólares


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      The NEW LCD-4z! The Easy-to-Drive
Version of the LCD-4
      Featuring a new look and greater efficiency, the design and sound of the LCD-4z is sure to thrill! Engineered with a new magnesium housing to produce a light-weight, visually appealing headphone, the LCD-4z maintains the sound signature of LCD-4.

      Digital Trends
      "The LCD-4z sound embodies the very best qualities available from the thin membranes of planar magnetic drivers, carving out every secret, each lonesome detail, and every rushing burst of form and color from your most complex music, stretched across a sprawling soundstage. They draw a full pulse of healthy bass, complemented by all the delicacies of the upper frequencies your best recordings can dish out. These are some of the most incredible headphones we’ve ever heard, and they are now even more real-world ready than ever.”

      The LCD-4 Reimagined
      Easier to Drive We have taken the award-winning design of our top-of-the-line LCD-4 and engineered it with a special 15 ohm voice-coil making it significantly easier to drive than the original LCD-4. This model does not replace the original 200 ohm LCD-4, but offers a perfect solution for users seeking more head room.
      Bold new look The LCD-4z features a dark sleek aesthetic with gold accents. The magnesium rings of the LCD-4z are designed to be strong, lightweight, and non-resonant for a very clean output.

      Audeze’s Proprietary Difference
      Planar Magnetic Technology
      Near weightless nano-scale diaphragm: The LCD-4z features our most advanced diaphragm design; our exclusive nano-scale film actually weighs less than the air it displaces! Benefits include faster response for better transient/impulse response, imaging, and the flattest, deepest, most accurate bass response of any headphone available.

      Audeze nearly doubles the magnetic force: Double Fluxor™ Magnet Arrays bring the magnetic flux to 1.5 Tesla, nearly doubling the power driving the diaphragm for improved transient response and far greater resolution.
      Precise Imaging: Patented Fazor Element waveguide reduces diffraction of soundwaves resulting in improved treble response, transparency and imaging.
      Near zero distortion: Combining our Fluxor™ magnet arrays, nano-scale diaphragm, Fazors, Uniforce voice coil, and other features, the LCD-4 and LCD-4z give you even lower distortion and greater accuracy - usually 1/10th the distortion of conventional headphones.
      Designed, engineered, and handcrafted in our California factory
      The LCD-4z headphone is thoroughly engineered and meticulously hand-built using the finest materials combined with cutting-edge planar magnetic technology. We closely match transducers to within +/- 1 dB.
      The quality of the entire structure guarantees years of trouble-free listening. Our cutting-edge designs and circuit technologies have created a breathtakingly beautiful sounding headphone.


      • Planar magnetic drivers for better dynamics and frequency response
      • Premium leather for style and durability
      • Audeze Technology
      • Flux density 1.5 Tesla
      • Large ultra-thin nano grade Uniforce diaphragms
      • Double Fluxor™ magnetic arrays
      • Fazor elements
      • Package Includes
      • 1/4in to dual 4-pin mini-XLR Premium LCD Headphone Cable with ¼” (6.3mm) stereo phone plug
      • Professional travel case

      Note: The tensioned set screws in the sides of the headband's adjustment blocks are pre-set and glued in our factory, and are not adjustable. Do not attempt to adjust these screws, as damage may result that is not covered by warranty.


      • Style - Over-ear, open-back
      • Transducer type -Planar magnetic
      • Magnetic structure - Proprietary magnet array
      • Phase management - FAZOR
      • Magnet type - Neodymium N50
      • Diaphragm type - Nano-scale Uniforce™
      • Transducer size - 106 mm
      • Maximum power handling - 15W
      • Maximum SPL - >130dB
      • Frequency response - 5Hz – 20kHz
      • THD - <0.1% @ 100dB
      • Impedance - 15 ohms
      • Sensitivity - 98 dB/1mW (at Drum Reference Point)
      • Voltage sensitivity - 107 dB/1V (at Drum Reference Point)
      • Minimum power requirement - >100mW
      • Recommended power level - 1 - 4W

      Listen Responsibly
      To avoid damage to your headphones and/or hearing, ensure the volume on your player is turned down before connecting your headphones. After placing headphones on your head, gradually turn up the volume until you reach a comfortable listening level. Exposure to excessive sound levels can cause gradual hearing loss and damage your headphones.
      Excessive power levels can damage your headphones. Be sure to stay within the rated power levels of 5W RMS / 15W PEAK to minimize the risk of damage, which is not covered under warranty.

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