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Earthworks DK3 DrumKit™

$1,299 Dólares


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Earthworks DK3 DrumKit™

$1,299 Dólares


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      3-Microphone DrumKit™
      Vivid sound. Striking clarity.
      Explore the Earthworks DK3.

      The core of your drum sound.
      Overheads and kick are a wide-angle lens capturing the full picture of your drum kit. The vividness, realism and lifelikeness in that picture depend on two factors: the quality of the sounds captured by the individual microphones, and how seamlessly the sounds from those microphones blend together. The three-microphone DK3 kit redefines what’s possible in drum miking.
      Picture Perfect
A perfect sonic image of your whole kit from above.

      A pair of Earthworks SR25 cardioids bring transparency, clarity, and attack to your drum sound.

      Punch Through the Mix
Don’t be fooled by its size. The SR20LS is a revolution in bass drum miking. A small diaphragm condenser that goes all the way down to 20Hz and handles 150dB S.P.L, the SR20LS missing nothing and single handedly does a job that often requires two mics or more.

      Your Sound
Your drums are your voice, and details matter. Laser-focused on delivering your sound, each microphone in the DK3 is engineered with razor-flat, extended frequency response and time coherence. Every detail, every nuance, and every texture flawlessly intact, making your drum sound come to life.

      Speed Where You Need It
Most live performance microphones sacrifice sound quality with big heavy dynamic capsules that move too slowly to capture the subtle details in the attack and texture of drums and cymbals. Not the mics in the DK3. Small diaphragm condenser capsule coupled with a proprietary Class A amplifier circuit delivers sound that deeply connects the audience to the stage.

      Build a Legacy
Precision machined from stainless steel, each microphone in the DK3 is a stunning instrument designed for your whole career, on the road and in the studio.

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