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Earthworks DK7 DrumKit™

$2,999 Dólares


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Earthworks DK7 DrumKit™

$2,999 Dólares


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      Drum Mic Kit

      Smart design. Sonic brilliance. Built tough.
Explore the Earthworks DK7.
      A revolution in drum miking.

      The drum kit – it’s not just a collection of drums and cymbals. It’s an instrument, and magic happens when you master both the details and the big picture. Each microphone in the Earthworks DK7 kit is a best-in-class drum miking all-star single-handedly capable of elevating your drum sound. All together they create magic.

      Your Sound Delivered
      Your drums. Your sound. The DK7 makes whatever drum kit you’re miking sound like just that―you. Whatever you put in front of the microphones comes back to you without hyping or hiding anything. Just a crystal clear translation of your sound.

      Bring It All Together
      A perfect sonic image of your whole kit from above. A matched pair of Earthworks SR25s bring transparency, clarity, and attack to your drum sound.

      Punch Through the Mix
      Don’t be fooled by its small size. The SR20LS won’t miss a beat on your bass drum. With handling capabilities of 150dB S.P.L  and a cardioid condenser capsule that captures the full spectrum of sound all the way down to 20Hz, the Earthworks SR20LS beautifully captures all of the deep, rich lows and crisp, natural highs you’re after.

      Isolation Like Never Before
      Massive rear rejection and a polar pattern that’s consistent across the entire frequency range means any off-axis leakage fades smoothly into the background in the mix.

      Lightning Fast
      Nothing compares to the lightning speed of the DM20. No smearing. No reflections. No unwanted coloration. Just a refreshingly crisp sound with every detail, every nuance, and every texture flawlessly intact that make your drums come to life.

      Electrifying Onstage
      Most live sound microphones sacrifice sound quality with big heavy dynamic capsules that move too slowly to capture the subtle high frequency details in the attack of a drum. Not the mics in the DK7. A small diaphragm capsule coupled with a proprietary Class A amplifier circuit delivers an incredible transient response that’s meant for drums.

      Lively Recordings
      From the rich, mid lows to the crisp, airy highs, sacrifices are a thing of the past with the DK7. Record sound from a live show that leaves you wanting for nothing. Or dive into the studio with the DK7 and make every mix come to life in a way you’ve never experienced before.

      Goes Where You Want…
      …And Stays There
      A right angle microphone head lets you easily and precisely position the microphone to get your best drum sound. Once you’ve found that sweet spot? No need to worry about the microphone creeping out of place when you start hitting the drums. Even the hardest playing won’t budge the DM20’s rugged gooseneck.

      Above and beyond
      The DM20 can handle whatever you throw at it…and then some. With a staggering max acoustic input of 150dB S.P.L, even the loudest drummer won’t overload these mics.

      Goodbye Mic Stands
      Keep your setup streamlined and uncluttered. Included with the DM20 is an RM1 RimMount™ for mounting the microphone directly on the rim of a snare or toms.

      Career Spanning Durability
      Precision machining sculpts stainless steel into a work of art. As rugged as it is beautiful, the microphones in the DK7 were designed from the ground up to stand the test of time.

      What’s Included?

      4 DM20s
      2 SR25s
      1 SR20LS
      1 Carrying Case
      7 Windscreens
      4 RM1 RimMounts
      3 Microphone Clips

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