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Aurora GTP8

$5,500 Dólares


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Aurora GTP8

$5,500 Dólares


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      When the Aurora Audio GTQ2 started to be hailed as a modern classic, the requests started coming in for an 8 channel version. In 2008, Geoff Tanner met this challenge by introducing the GTP8 to the world. 8 channels of the legendary Class A discrete sound in a convenient 2U package!

Since Geoff insisted that no corner could be cut in keeping the GTQ2 sound in an 8 channel edition, clearly the same iron would have to be used as well. Balanced transformer in and out is featured here once again. Having the same transformers that were specified by Geoff and built by the old Marinair crew had to be included in the GTP8 without question. The result is 8 channels of massive tone that is suitable for any sound you might throw at it.

The Aurora Audio GTP8 has the same intuitive design as the GTQ2 as well. Dial in your level easily and accurately with discrete 10dB steps. Then fine-tune your selection with the trim pot that gives you 5 more decibels of boost or cut. This way, you can optimize your clean and pristine source to tape or DAW, but you can also use the trim to add some dirt and drive to your signal as well.

Not to be left out, also featured on the GTP8 is the awesome Aurora Audio DI. Listen to your direct signal come alive in ways you never thought possible until now! Plus, there are EIGHT of them. More is always more, right? In the past you may have avoided to go direct, but with the Aurora Audio DI and the GTP8, you will be looking for excuses to use direct injection.

With this one unit, you will take your studio to the next level. Feel the power of having 8 channels of classic Class A discrete, British inspired tone within arm’s reach. For example, the GTP8 is perfectly suited for use as your drum sound. Why? Everyone knows that mixing preamps when tracking drums can be a "alaming" proposition. With a mixed bag of mic pres all reacting at different times electronically and in different ways, this will affect the phase relationships of the signals and may result in a less than ideal sound. With 8 channels of the GTP8 working together in perfect harmony on your drums, you will experience more punch and clarity that only matched preamps can provide.

Think about it: All of those classic recordings that we all grew up on were tracked on consoles with matched preamps that gave the album an overall sound and signature. Give yourself the opportunity to record the way the greats always intended you to do. Make your next classic recording today with the GTP8.


      • Input impedance: 1,200 ohms balanced and floating
      • Balanced and floating output will drive any impedance from 600 ohms upwards
      • DI input impedance: 10Megohms
      • Frequency response: 20Hz to >20KHz +/-1dB
      • Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.075% @ 1KHz @ +20dBu
      • E.I.N: <-125dB @ 80dB gain
      • Dimensions: 19” x 2U x 11” deep (482.6mm x 88.9mm x 280mm)
      • Weight: 20lbs (9.07Kg)
      • Transformer balanced inputs and outputs
      • All Class A discrete transistor circuitry
      • Stepped gain control in 10dB steps from -10dB to +80dB
      • +/-5dB trim control, extends range from -15dB to +85dB
      • DI input with 10dB gain and 10Megohm input impedance
      • Unbalanced -10dBu TRS insertion jack socket, connects the GT4-8 and other Aurora products
      • External regulated power supply auto-senses the input voltage


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