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Hear Back OCTO Mixer

$408 Dólares


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Hear Back OCTO Mixer

$408 Dólares


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      The next evolution of the Hear Back 8-channel personal monitoring system has arrived – introducing Hear Back OCTO.
      With improved audio quality, system performance, and overall ease of use, it revolutionizes monitor mixing on stage or in the studio. Imagine getting your mix exactly the way you want it. With the Hear Back OCTO, you save time and get the sound just right, the first time. This affordable system is perfect for headphones, wired and wireless in-ear monitors, and/or conventional floor monitors.
      System Standouts

      • Virtually unlimited system size
      • Affordable solution
      • Excellent audio fidelity
      • Very long digital cables possible without loss of audio quality
      • Audio inputs ADAT, analog, and the HearBus are switch selectable from the front panel
      • Local control of up to 10 channels of audio (eight inputs plus a stereo AUX input). Master Volume controls the level of headphones, line outs, and AUX input.
      • Headphone amplifier fault indicator: In case of overheating or a short, the red LED illuminates to alert the user of a problem
      • Bus Status Indicator: Confirms proper connection to the Hub
      • Link Indicators: Whenever two pairs of mono inputs are linked for stereo operation, the link LED is illuminated
      • Standard CAT5e power and signal connection - a cost effective, simple, unobtrusive way to connect eight channels of audio. The cable is held in place with a built-in cable strain relief.
      • Balanced line-outs, mono/stereo

      Stereo AUX In

      • Mixer has a built-in mic stand mount for attaching to a standard mic stand or clipping onto a stand extension bar or clip
      • High power - low distortion headphone amplifiers

      System Features
      Hear Back OCTO Mixer Features

      • The Hear Back Mixer is equipped to mount to any standard mic or desk stand using the built-in 5/8" threaded socket located on the back of the mixer.
      • Local control up to 10 channels of audio
      • Master volume
      • Built-in standard mic stand mount
      • 24-bit D/A converters
      • Bus status indicator
      • Headphone amplifier fault indicator
      • Mono/stereo link indicators
      • Balanced line outs, mono/stereo
      • Stereo AUX in:
      • Expand numbers of mixers
      • Drum module/metronome input

      Mixer Aux Input
      Line Input Configuration / Impedance: Stereo, unbalanced, 10 Kohms typical
      Line Input Level: +4 dBu optimal, +22 dBu max

      Mixer Headphone Power (Per Channel)

      Load Impedance: THD less than 0.01%* THD less than 0.1% 
      8 Ohms: 342 mW 412 mW
      16 Ohms: 731 mW 783 mW
      25 Ohms: 1.07 W 1.25 W
      32 Ohms: 1.37 W 1.6 W
      50 Ohms: 1.26 W 1.88 W
      100 Ohms: 971 mW 1.03 W
      200 Ohms: 512 mW 537 mW
      600 Ohms: 185 mW 190 mW
      IMD: Typically Less than 0.02%

      Mixer Line Output
      Freq Response:
      20 Hz to 20 KHz, +/-0.16 dB

      • 0.004% typical at 1 kHz, +18 dBu
      • 0.008% typical, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, +4 dBu

      IMD: 0.02% typical at +4 dBu, 60 Hz / 7 kHz
      Crosstalk: Less than -85 dB @ 1 kHz
      Latency: Less than 1.5 mSec

      System Noise Performance
      Noise, A-Weighted: -94 dBu @ analog, -97 dBu optical
      Dynamic Range: 122 dB typical

      System I/O
      Hub Line In, Analog: 8 Balanced inputs on DB-25 female (DA-88 pinout)
      Hub Max Input Level, Analog: +18 dBu
      Hub Light Pipe In: Industry standard fiber optic connector, shuttered
      Hub HearBus In, Out: 2x 8-pin RJ45 jack
      Mixer Headphone Out: 1x TRS 1/8" and 1x 1/4" unbalanced stereo
      Mixer Line Out: 2x TRS 1/4" balanced (left/mono or stereo)
      Mixer Max Output Level, Analog: +28 dBu (mixed output)
      Mixer Aux Input: TRS 1/8" unbalanced stereo

      Physical, Mixer
      5.1" H x 9.3” W x 2.519" D (12.95 cm H x 23.62 cm W x 6.40 cm D)
      Unit Weight:
      15.8 oz. (0.45 kg)
      Standard mic stand (5/8" 27 threads per inch) or desk mounted
      Physical, Hub
      1.75" H x 19.0" W x 5.0" D (4.45 cm H x 48.26 cm W x 12.7 cm D)
      Unit Weight:
      3.9375 lb. (1.79 kg)
      Standard rack mount, 1 RU

      Hub Power Requirements:
      ~100-240VAC 125W 50/60Hz
      Note: 0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms. Specifications and features subject to change without notice.

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