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Hear Back Pro Mixer

$649 Dólares


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Hear Back Pro Mixer

$649 Dólares


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      Hear Back mixer creates your own personal monitor mix

      The Hear Back Pro mixer is your personal control surface that creates YOUR OWN monitor mix - live! The mixer offers control over 18 input channels (16 mono channels + AUX IN + Intercom IN), as well as monitor volume, panning, and stereo link. Also, for convenient onstage or studio use, the mixer offers a built-in standard threaded mic stand mount! Each mixer is connected to the hub via affordable and easily available Cat 5e/6 cables. Total control of your own mix - that's the Hear Back system.

      Hear Back PRO Mixer Features:

      • Local control of up to 18 channels of audio (16 mono channels + AUX IN + Intercom IN)
      • Receive power and audio over one Ethernet cable, up to 500’ from Hub to each Mixer
      • 24-bit Delta-Sigma D/A and A/D converters
      • Volume/panning/stereo link control of all 16 channels of audio
      • Store up to 4 recallable presets
      • Intercom allows communication to anyone with a Hear Back PRO Mixer
      • Selectable 1/8” TRS stereo unbalanced and XLR mono balanced (with 15V phantom power) AUX inputs:
        • Microphone input for crowd / ambiance mic or intercom use
        • Drum module / metronome or
        • local mix input
      • 1/8” and 1/4” headphone jacks
      • Balanced mono/stereo, line level output
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