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Heritage HA73EQX2 ELITE

$1,699 Dólares


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Heritage HA73EQX2 ELITE

$1,699 Dólares


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      The Heritage Audio HA73EQ is now twice as awesome with its brand-spankin’ new dual channel format! After the enormous success of its single channel predecessor, we are proud to welcome the new member of the Elite Series family, the HA73EQX2 Elite.

      Equipped with two mic pre/equalizers in the same rack unit, our double EQ will bring twice the mojo for less than twice the money to your recording studio, increasing your processing capabilities with the premium audio excellence of our Elite Series.

      The HA73EQX2 Elite is made to the same specifications as the acclaimed 73JR, 73EQJR and DMA73 Heritage Audio models at a price never heard before.

      Leveraging the expertise and reputation obtained with its popular hand wired, extremely time-consuming hand soldered series, HA is able to offer a zero compromise, high quality yet very affordable alternative to the growing entry-level brands.

      A combination of mass production, lean manufacturing and modern construction techniques, minimizes hand labor and therefore its high associated costs when manufacturing takes place in Western Europe. By passing the savings straight into the end users´ pockets, Heritage Audio releases the most affordable outboard preamps and equalizers in its class up to date.

      Key components to obtain a true vintage sound are indeed maintained, like the industry standard Carnhill transformers, hand wound in St Ives, England.

      Manufactured in the same Spanish facilities as the rest of the HA line of products, the HA73EQX2 Elite rack mountable mic preamp equalizer presents the complete classic recording channel that, for generations, has been regarded for its rich, musical qualities and its ability to dramatically improve the sound of almost any source.

      No ´73 equalizer will present the correct equalization curves without high quality capacitors and, most importantly, correct “Vinkor” type pot core inductors. More than often this type of products has these expensive inductors replaced with generic ferrite core ones or, even worst, the mid band dual inductor replaced with a single one. Never in Heritage Audio products!!, as the impact of replacing these to the eq curves is dramatic, leading to incorrect curve´s shapes and high frequency phase distortion which in no way honor the design.

      The HA73EQX2 Elite employs WIMA 5% capacitors in the EQ section as well as 3 correct vintage type “Vinkor“pot core inductors so the eq curves are virtually undistinguishable from the handmade equalizers in the HA line. Customers can expect the same sonic quality and feel they have come to appreciate from Heritage Audio.

      The HA73EQX2’s preamp section features gain, output trim, -20db pad, polarity reverse, a high pass filter, and +48v phantom power.  The HA73EQX2’s EQ section features a high shelving EQ, midrange EQ, low shelving EQ, a variable high pass filter, and EQ Bypass.  The HA73EQX2 comes housed in a rugged 1RU British steel and aluminum chassis and utilizes an external power supply for low noise operation.

      Our Elite Series pledge to always deliver the best value for your investment, with zero compromises, Western European made high-quality gear to enhance your musical experience.


      • Microphone input impedance: HI, 1200 Ohm minimum, LO, 300 Ohm minimum.
      • Higher gain positions gradually have greater impedances, optimum for low gain ribbon mics.
      • Input is transformer balanced and floating.
      • Line input impedance: 10KOhms bridging, transformer balanced and floating.
      • Output impedance: Less than 75 Ohms, transformer balanced and floating, to drive a load of 600 Ohms.
      • Maximum output: Greater than +26.5dBu into 600 Ohms (internally terminated).
      • THD: Less than 0.025% at 1Khz, Less than 0.05% at 100Hz.
      • Frequency response :20Hz (+0.3dB) to 20Khz (-0.2dB). EQ Off. For EQ ON frequency response please check the features section.
      • Maximum Gain: Slightly greater than 80dB.
      • Equivalent Input Noise: Less than -125dBu.
      • Output stage noise: Less than -100dBu.
      • Power consumption: Less than 190 mA @48VDC.
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