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Ocean Way HR5 Par

$2,799 Dólares


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Ocean Way HR5 Par

$2,799 Dólares


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      The OWA HR5 monitors deliver aspects of performance like no other speaker of its size at any price. One of the most important and unique qualities of HR5 is the ability to provide a perfect 100 degrees of horizontal dispersion. What this equates to is simply no matter where you stand the speaker sounds the same. This gives you the biggest sweet spot of any speaker system available today. If you are sitting in what might be described as the perfect on axis position in front of the speakers everyone behind you will still hear the same balance and tonal qualities that you hear. The tremendous horizontal dispersion of the HR5 is based on the design of the speakers at Ocean Way Recording, which utilized this same 100 degree design in every one of the various studios’ 18 controls rooms, and is the hallmark of the famous Ocean Way sound.
      Until the creation of this unique Ocean Way technology this was simply not possible. This is achieved through the use of our patented twin constant directivity HF and Low band horns and their unique driving elements. The HR5 like all OWA monitors from the smallest to the largest are +or- 1db of matching each other throughout their entire extended frequency range. This provides the listener with superb imaging and the ability to position and set the level of every instrument and vocal in a mix with complete confidence knowing that it will translate no matter where the mix is played.
      An important characteristic of the HF and mid band constant directivity horns which are milled out of solid blocks of wood that are totally nonresonant is their ability to provide greater efficiency in their respective bands as compared to conventional direct radiators. This extra efficiency means the HF and LF bands don’t have to work as hard even at the loudest level’s and requires half of the power of conventional direct radiating components. This translates into very low distortion even at high volume levels. Because of their true constant directivity nature and their unique driving elements and construction these horns sound completely natural without a trace of harshness or coloration. Simply stated they have no horn sound! The high frequency driving element utilizes a 1 inch silk dome with aluminum voice coil with a large magnetic structure so unlike conventional horn drivers it has no phasing plug and there for significantly lower distortion. With 1 watt in at 1k our HF section will produce 104 dB at one meter. The HF section is driven by a separate 90 watt amp. Another important aspect to the HR5’s exceptional performance is the ability of each of its HF and LF components to all produce excellent performance well above and below their respective crossover points. This and the fact that the HF and LF band components are in exact physical time alignment and have horns with identical flare rates provides a virtually perfect transition between all ranges. Even if you were to listen one foot from an HR5 the transition between the components is inaudible. It simply sounds like one congruent sound.
      It is possible to set up set up a pair of HR5’s as virtual head phones and still get a perfect balance. There is nothing manufactured today of this physical size and at this price that can even approach this level of exceptional performance. The unique wide dispersion aspects of HR5 and all the other Ocean Audio speaker systems are traits that are simply not available on speakers made by any other manufacturer.

      An Ocean Way Audio Monitor Perfectly Suited for Home and Project Studios


      • A perfect 100 degrees of horizontal dispersion for consistently great sound from anywhere in the room
      • +/- 1db of matching performance throughout their entire extended frequency range
      • Clear and defined bass down to 45hz and below… remarkable for a small speaker
      • High-performance 7” woofer with a very light cone and aluminum voice coil
      • Rear-ported cabinet to extend the wavelength of the bass path in smaller rooms
      • 1″ silk dome high frequency driver with aluminum voice coil and a large magnetic structure
      • Bi-amped design: 125 watt amp for LF driver, 90 watt amp for HF driver


      • Powered: Yes. Accepts analog/digital inputs 24 bit/192 kHz
      • Driver Configuration: 2-way, compression-driven horns/waveguides
      • HF Driver Size/ Amp: 1”/90W
      • LF Driver Size/ Amp: 7”/125W
      • AES-3 Digital Inputs: Yes
      • Horz/Vert Directivity Ctr: 100 / 40 degrees
      • Enclosure Type: Ported
      • Frequency Range 2-Way: 45Hz-20kHz
      • Maximum Peak SPL: 110dB
      • Dimensions: 17.5” W x 12”H x x 14.5”D
      • Weight 38 lbs.


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