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Karacter 500
Karacter 500 Karacter 500 Karacter 500


Karacter 500

$975.00 USD

The elysia karacter 500 is a discrete Class A 500 Series distortion module that gives you a staggering range of sonic options, from mastering-grade saturation to tube-style distortion and merciless waveform annihilation. The karacter 500 sports two channels you can use in dual mono, linked stereo, or even a mid/side configuration, making it a supremely versatile tool for any studio or live situation. Use a gentle touch with THD generation and season to taste, or unleash sonic mayhem with asymmetrical clipping.

elysia karacter 500 Features:

  • Discrete Class A Topology running in constant Class A mode
  • Mastering-Grade Saturation generates soft-curve THD for musical symmetrical clipping
  • FET Shred mode, for a broad range of tube-like asymmetrical distortion
  • Turbo Boost shifts the operating point of the distortion circuit in FET shred mode
  • Color Filter changes the harmonics-frequency relation for even more tonal-color variation
  • Integrated M/S matrix lets you process the mid and side signals
  • Dual Mono/Stereo Link gives you true dual-mono and linked-stereo operation
  • Stepped potentiometers let you recall your settings precisely
  • Designed and built in elysia's factory in Nettetal, Germany

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