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Neumann KH 750 - Subwoofer Activo

$1,750 Dólares

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Neumann KH 750 - Subwoofer Activo

$1,750 Dólares



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      Compact DSP-controlled closed cabinet subwoofer

      • Deep bass in a small space
      • The perfect complement to KH 80 DSP, KH 120 and KH 310
      • Optional Neumann.Control iPad® app to setup, align and operate a complete Neumann stereo system


      The compact KH 750 DSP is the ideal choice for smaller rooms and smaller studio monitors. It has a unique and flexible Bass Manager (2.0/0.1), analog and digital inputs, four routing modes and adaptable acoustical controls to be used in many different configurations.

      The optional Neumann.Control iPad® app gives access to many additional functions. This includes the possibility of aligning Neumann monitors, that are connected to the subwoofer, to the room using the patented "Guided Alignment" and controlling the entire stereo system. This also includes analog* monitors. Detailed information can be found below.


      The newly designed 10” long-throw driver has a strong linear working magnet system with ELFF™ technology (Extremely Linear Force Factor™). As subwoofers are usually placed on the floor, a robust grille protects the driver from accidental damage. The ultra-compact cabinet is a closed design which brings the fastest possible transient response.

      The two analog XLR inputs are balanced as are the two analog XLR outputs. The 192 kHz / 24-bit digital input can accept AES3 and S/P-DIF signals. There is a bypassable standby function and the switch-off time can be adjusted in the Neumann.Control iPad® app.

      The KH 750 DSP can be used in music, broadcast, and post production studios for tracking, mixing, and mastering.

      ABOUT THE KH 750 AES67

      This enhanced model of the original 750 expands the sub's connectivity options with dual AES67 ports for Ethernet connectivity. AES67 I/O lets you network the sub with other Neumann monitors via Ethernet, and the sub is also equipped with a Dante mode for powerful AV connection via Ethernet. The KH750 AES67 also has a unique and flexible onboard 2.0/0.1 Bass Manager that allows for it to be used in many different system configurations. The rear panel is equipped with both analog and digital inputs and outputs, four routing modes, fourth-order DSP crossovers, and acoustical controls for seamless system and room integration.


      By combining the KH 750 DSP with the freely available iPad® app (version 3.0 or newer), the subwoofer becomes the intelligent control center of every Neumann stereo setup. In addition to the KH 80 DSP, the KH 120, KH 310 and KH 410** analogue monitors now also benefit from the DSP power of the KH 750 DSP.

      The iPad® connects to the subwoofer via a standard IP network with an Ethernet cable between the router and subwoofer. The stereo pair receives the analog audio signal directly from the subwoofer.

      The system offers the following functions in the setup/adjustment phase:

      • Guided Alignment – a patented process where you are asked simple questions about the room and the loudspeaker/subwoofer position, the app adjusts the response of each loudspeaker/subwoofer accordingly.
      • Manual Alignment – expert users have complete freedom to adjust an 8-band fully parametric equalizer, levels and the time-of-flight delay in each loudspeaker/subwoofer as they wish. Manual Alignment can also be used to edit Guided Alignments in a more detailed way.
      • Individual X-Over optimization between the subwoofer and the connected Neumann monitors, depending on the monitor model used.
      • DSP-based phase linearization also of the connected analog Neumann studio monitors for an even more transparent sound image.
      • Use of the digital inputs (S/P-DIF and AES3) of the subwoofer for the entire system
      • Lip sync delay for the complete setup

      After setup, the iPad® can be removed if necessary; the settings are permanently stored in the subwoofer.

      During operation, the iPad® offers:

      • Switching between different setups and alignments
      • Volume control, saving and recalling volume presets
      • Dim, Solo, Mute, Mute all

      The app also allows the logo brightness and standby level/time of the KH 80 DSP to be set.

      * This includes KH 120 A, KH 310 A and KH 420**, as well as KH 120 D and KH 310 D if the analog signal inputs are used.

      ** A combination of the KH 750 DSP with the KH 420 is also possible, but the maximum possible sound pressure level is reduced when operating in bass management mode.


      •  Increasing the bass extension of the monitoring system
      • Increasing the maximum S.P.L of loudspeakers
      • Decreasing harmonic and intermodulation distortion of loudspeakers
      • Reproducing the LFE channel
      • Reproducing the “Sub” signal of a bass managed multichannel source
      • Working as an extension for KH line subwoofer systems
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