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Neumann KH 870

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Neumann KH 870

$4,139 Dólares


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      Subwoofer with 7.1 Bass Management

      KH 870 G

      7.1 analog bass managed subwoofer

      • 7.1 High Definition Bass Management (remote)

      • Very deep bass response (18 Hz)

      • High maximum SPL (116.7 dB, 400 W)


      The KH 870 is an answer to the demands by offering a 7.1 High Definition Bass Manager™. The flexibility of this bypassable 7.1 bass manager means it is also compatible with all standard consumer formats from mono through to the latest 7.1 HD systems.

      Eight channels of analog ensures flexible interconnectivity for modern studios. Four-mode LFE-channel processing guarantees compatibility across all formats and industries. Forth-order crossovers and flexible acoustical controls allow for seamless system integration. Built-in volume control and a hardware remote control allows for centralized system control independent of the source, and the electronics can be remote located to reduce cabling. From Mono to 3D, there are uses for the KH 870 in many different system configurations.


      The latest amplifier technology and acoustical components have been used to ensure the most accurate sound reproduction possible. Robust drivers, a rock-solid cabinet, and carefully designed ports guarantee a tight, articulate, and distortion-free low frequency reproduction, even at high replay levels. Using the sum output, Plane Wave Bass Array™ (PWBA™) techniques acoustically improves lateral consistency in the listening area. The bass extends down to 18 Hz.


      The KH 870 subwoofer is designed to complement Neumann's extensive range of monitors, and can be used on its own, or daisy-chained to make larger systems capable of higher SPL. The KH 810 can be used in music, broadcast, and post production studios for tracking, mixing, and mastering. The cabinet can be positioned next to a wall or flush mounted into a wall due to the front mounted port, and can be mixed freely in multichannel systems with other loudspeakers from Neumann's range.


      • Bass extension for loudspeakers down to 18 Hz
      • Increasing the maximum SPL of loudspeakers by up to 8 dB
      • Decreasing harmonic and intermodulation distortion of loudspeakers
      • Reproducing the LFE channel
      • Reproducing the “Sub” signal of a bass managed multichannel source
      • Making a Plane Wave Bass Array™ system
      • Working as an extension for KH line subwoofer systems

      Computer mechanically modeled cabinet design using Low resonance Integral Molding™ (LRIM™) materials

      • Wooden cabinet with a tough painted finish and high density rubber isolating feet
      • Excellent self-damping properties leading to minimal cabinet resonances
      • No standing wave resonances inside cabinet
      • Reduced cabinet resonances

      In-house modelled long-throw composite sandwich cone bass driver with Extremely Linear Force Factor™ (ELFF™), magnetic shielding, flow optimized die cast basket and robust built-in grille

      • Damping of break up modes brings low distortion at high sound levels
      • Linear pistonic motor gives a very low harmonic distortion even at high excursions
      • Reduced air noise and improved rocking modes
      • Grille protects against mechanical damage

      Large high-capacity flow-optimized bass reflex ports

      • Fast bass transient response
      • Reduced bass compression at high output levels
      • Can be flush mounted

      XLR electronically balanced analogue inputs and outputs

      • Standard interfacing to professional equipment
      • Daisy chain output for subwoofer arrays

      7.1 High Definition Bass Management

      • Compatible with all systems from mono to 3D
      • Bypassable 4th order 80 Hz active crossover for maximum compatibility with consumer reproduction systems
      • Allows main loudspeakers to play louder and with lower distortion

      Remote control

      • NRC 1 and SEA 1 hardware remote control
      • RS-232 control possible

      LFE gain

      • 0 and +10 dB

      Four routing modes

      • LFE to subwoofer and left/right
      • LFE to subwoofer only up to 80 Hz
      • LFE to subwoofer only up to 120 Hz
      • LFE to subwoofer with no filtering – for daisy chaining subwoofers and external signal processing systems

      Wide range input gain and output level controls

      • Easier interfacing with signal sources

      8-position phase control (with built in test tone), continuous low cut control and parametric equalizer

      • More control in diverse acoustical environments
      • Parametric equalizer is bypassable if not needed

      Bass Management controls

      • Bypassable
      • Independent control of bass management bypass for front and back channels
      • System volume control on/off

      Universal switched-mode power supply (100 … 240 V)

      • One version works in any country and robust to poor quality mains supply
      • Electronics can be remotely powered on with two modes of operation (0 V and 12 V trigger)

      Ground lift

      • Reduced noise in electrically noisy environments and over-comes ground loops



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