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      Over half a decade of pushing the envelope has led to the latest ribbon mic in the AEA's arsenal: the AEA KU5A Supercardioid Ribbon Microphone. can deliver the audio spectrum in detail, for both live sound and studio recording.
      The KU5A is an exciting and innovative microphone that advances the art of ribbon mic technology. By designing the mic around a supercardioid polar pattern, the KU5A is extremely versatile. Not only can it reject reflections from studio walls, but also ambient noise on the concert stage. And in either venue, the focused pattern reduces unwanted instrument bleed.
      Vocalists can sing right into the grille of the KU5A without fear of proximity effect or blowing out the ribbon; the internal acoustic protection is the most extensive of any mic that AEA offers, and the selectable high pass filter can tame those unwanted lows. All the while, the extended high end gives a presence that beautifully balances the classic ribbon tone that you demand from an AEA microphone.
      The KU5A is at home on the road or in the studio, with a heavy-duty construction and active electronics that play nicely with a wide range of preamps. Put it in front of guitar cabs, snare drums, brass players and vocalists. It can handle them all and then some. The KU5A is made to deliver clarity and depth in any situation; it’s like no other ribbon mic made, by AEA or anyone else.

      Supercardioid polar response effectively reduces ambience in any environment
      End-address for simple placement in front of instruments and vocalists
      High pass filter can be engaged to reduce the proximity effect of close miking
      Proudly Made in the USA.

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