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Telefunken M80-SH

$249 Dólares

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Telefunken M80-SH

$249 Dólares



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      The Telefunken M80-SH dynamic microphone delivers condenser-like performance, with the convenience and robustness of a dynamic mic. Unlike the midrange-heavy tone of many popular handheld mics, the M80-SH employs a low-mass capsule with an ultra-thin membrane to capture every nuance of your performance with amazing balance and detail. And with its compact form factor, you'll find it easy to place the M80-SH on snare drums and other hard-to-get-to sources. You don't need an expensive condenser mic to get studio-quality sound - you need the Telefunken M80-SH.

      Specially-designed capsule gives the mic a wide, balanced response

      Telefunken designed the M80-SH's head and capsule to reduce the proximity effect created by the supercardioid polar pattern. That means your vocals won't get boomy or indistinct, yet you still get the feedback-fighting characteristics of a directional microphone.

      Remarkably consistent sound no matter what you're plugging into

      If you're a live performer, you know that it's tough to get a consistent sound every night when you're plugging into a different mixing board each time. Different microphone preamplifiers can operate at different impedance levels, and that affects the sound of your microphone. The Telefunken M80-SH sports an American made, custom wound transformer that automatically matches impedance, and that means your vocal sound will be consistent no matter what you're plugging into.

      Clear, detailed sound is perfect for vocals or instruments

      The diaphragm on the Telefunken M80-SH is super thin, which gives it a fast, un-colored response that captures your sound with incredible detail. Because it's not a midrange-heavy mic like some dynamics, it's not just for vocals. You can get great results with the M80-SH in front of a guitar amp, over a snare drum, or virtually any other instrument that needs a detailed, well-balanced microphone.


      • Dynamic supercardioid microphone for vocals, instruments, or percussion
      • Compact form factor makes it easy to place on snare drums and other hard-to-get-to sources
      • Wide-range 50Hz-18kHz frequency response is ideal for both instruments and vocals
      • Low-mass capsule and diaphragm responds quickly, giving you clear, detailed reproduction
      • Capsule design reduces proximity effect so your sound doesn't become muddy or indistinct
      • American made, custom wound transformer automatically matches impedance
      • Made in America with high-quality components
      • Includes microphone clip and carrying bag
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