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Pultec MEQ-5 Midrange EQ

$3,795 Dólares


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Pultec MEQ-5 Midrange EQ

$3,795 Dólares


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      Use the Pultec MEQ-5 midrange equalizer to fine-tune this crucial frequency range in your mixes, while adding undeniable Pultec vibe too. The MEQ-5 dedicates its existence to everything between 200Hz and 7kHz. Thats where your vocal tracks are most vibrant, where your guitars have girth and body, and generally where mixes either shine or fall flat. In classic Pultec fashion you get two bands of midrange boost and one attenuation band, and that's all you need to add amazing mojo to any track with the Pultec MEQ-5 midrange equalizer.

      • Thank Pultec for decades of amazing recordings
      • A time-proven solution for your mix's crucial midrange

      Thank Pultec for decades of amazing recordings
      Magical tools revered for their ability to improve the sound of audio simply by passing signal through them, Pultec equalizers like the MEQ-5 are the stuff of legend. You've heard them on countless hits. Rare vintage units cost a pretty penny - if you can find one in good working order. So naturally, there have been many hardware and software "re-creations" over the years. Well, now you can grace your recordings with the sweet sound of the MEQ-5: a genuine, made-in-America Pultec EQ.
      A time-proven solution for your mix's crucial midrange
      Long story short, a detailed, vibrant, rich midrange is what separates world-class mixes from the rest. It's where most of the sonic excitement of your mix lives, and the MEQ-5 gives you two bands of boost and one attenuation band to shape it just right. The sound is amazing, and with a little experimentation you'll be enhancing vocal intelligibility and beefing up guitars with incredibly musical results.


      • Single-channel, three-band midrange equalizer built exactly like the original, legendary Pultec units
      • Combines the vintage character of original Pultecs with the reliability of modern design
      • Incredibly low noise floor for a pure sound
      • Fantastic EQ for guitars, vocals, woodwinds, and other midrange-rich material
      • Separate boost and cut bands provide surprising creative potential
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