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Slate ML-2

$149 Dólares


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Slate ML-2

$149 Dólares


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      **IMPORTANTE: A partir del 15 de Mayo 2022, los productos ML1 y ML2 de Slate, ya no requieren iLok físico. Ahora es posible autorizar el producto a través de iLok Cloud, que usa una conexión de internet, y una cuenta iLok Cloud gratuita, para el uso y autorización del software de emulación. 

      In 2017, Slate Digital are excited to announce the next step in their continuing crusade to bring professional audio tools to the masses: the Virtual Recording Studio, featuring the new Slate Digital ML-2 modeling microphone.

      The ML-2 microphone is a worthy addition to its big brother the ML-1 (the mic featured in the Virtual Microphone System). It features a similar linear and flat frequency response to its larger sibling - only in a small diaphragm size - which allows the mic to be placed in locations difficult or impossible for a larger mic. With the addition of a side-mounted switch that pads the input circuit and repolarizes the capsule to increase headroom, the ML-2 allows you to utilize both dynamic and condenser emulations on instruments like drums without ever having to change a physical microphone position.

      Slate Digital ML-2 Small-diaphragm Modeling Microphone Features:

      • Ultra-linear, sonically-neutral condenser microphone
      • Combine with Slate Digital VMS-One mic preamplifier and mic/preamp modeling software
      • Pad switch also repolarizes the mic capsule, greatly enhancing headroom for loud sound sources
      • Compact design fits in tight spaces such as over toms and inside pianos
      • Gives you more control over your recorded sounds during mixdown

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