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Shadow Hills Mono GAMA

$1,195 Dólares


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Shadow Hills Mono GAMA

$1,195 Dólares


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      The Shadow Hills Industries Mono Gama 500 Series mic preamp will make any signal you put through it sound great. A formidable piece of no-compromise engineering, the Mono Gama (Golden Age Microphone Amp) slips into your API 500 Series compatible rack and delivers massive, punchy, full-frequency sonics with extraordinary depth and "air." Through the Mono Gama, vocals authoritatively command the spotlight - and the Mono Gama is also perfect for line level signals, handily coaxing even weak signals into compliance. Exceptional clarity and transient response

      At the heart of the Mono Gama is the Shadow Hills Discrete Operational Amplifier. Notable for its exceptional clarity and lightning-fast transient response, this op amp is responsible for the Mono Gama's remarkable transparency and absence of coloration. If you've got a track that needs coloration, however - read on.

      Shape your sound with the Transformer Switching Matrix

      A unique feature of the Shadow Hills Industries Mono Gama is its Transformer Switching Matrix, which lets you choose between Nickel or Steel transformers - or Discrete (the transformerless setting) - to compliment whatever you're recording. Nickel gives you ruler-flat low end, and a slight (1dB) boost at 10k. Steel adds the personality of a 1dB boost at 40Hz, with a tight Q. The Discrete position yields startlingly fast transients and unmatched clarity.

      Seriously built to sound great

      The uncompromising build of the Shadow Hills Industries Mono Gama is, of course, to a large degree responsible for its amazing performance. Starting with an original Jensen input transformer, and ending with the innovative Transformer Switching Matrix, every component was painstakingly selected based on its contribution to the overall design objective: stunning sound quality. Of course, the Mono Gama is fitted with everything you expect in a world-class professional mic pre: phantom power, polarity switching, and an attenuation control that gives you an 18dB range on incoming mic signals, or 8dB on the line input.

      With its impressive sound and performance, ease of operation, and weapons-grade build quality, the Shadow Hills Industries Mono Gama belongs in your 500 Series arsenal.

      • Jaw-dropping performance in a 500 Series format mic preamp
      • Discrete Operational Amplifier gives you amazing clarity and fast transient response
      • Original Jensen input transformer
      • Output Transformer Switching Matrix lets you choose between Nickel, Steel, or Discrete
      • Stepped rotary attenuator gives you easy repeatability of settings
      • DI input, fitted with pad and phase reverse
      • Engraved, vintage-flavored front panel
      • Exceptional build quality
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