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Elysia Mpressor

$4,699 Dólares


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Elysia Mpressor

$4,699 Dólares


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      When you need a musical, reliable, and flexible compressor, you want the elysia mpressor. The discrete Class A circuitry keeps your sound intact, just like you want it, without crossover distortion. The mpressor sounds wide, open and punchy and will keep your audio pristine. You'll especially love the Auto Fast feature, a switchable semi-automation that lets you achieve the perfect attack. An extremely useful sidechain filter is great for isolation of used as an effect. Grab the elysia mpressor and discover a whole new way of using compressors.

      elysia mpressor Compressor at a Glance:

      • A compressor that encourages experimentation
      • Tweak your tone with built-in EQ
      • Flexible sidechain filter lets you dial in the perfect compression

      A compressor that encourages experimentation

      The elysia mpressor isn't your usual compressor, it was designed to inspire and take you sounds to new sonic heights. The cool Anti Log button lets you add extra thump to your bass with a single switch. An Auto Fast button changes your attack speed to the fastest setting possible for getting great sounds in a flash. Mix the cool functions of the elysia together and you can create cool new uses of this highly musical and tweakable compressor - especially for electronic music. The elysia mpressor is equally suited for compression as it is for an effect. Experiment and enjoy.

      Tweak your tone with built-in EQ

      Besides being a compressor, the elysia mpressor also has a powerful EQ tweaking section. Each channel sports and EQ Gain and EQ Frequency controls. Instead of typical a shelf or parametric filter, the mpressor uses a Niveau Filter. This filter simultaneously boosts and cuts in the selected frequency area giving your track a brighter or darker sound without fiddling with a ton of controls. Depending on the gain setting around the selected frequency, the high frequencies are boosted whereas the low frequencies are attenuated or vice versa.

      Flexible sidechain filter lets you dial in the perfect compression

      The sidechain filter on the elysia mpressor lets you dial in compression on specific frequencies while avoiding others. For instance: you can compress the bass drum frequencies to your liking without having to compress the entire mix, which would likely lead to over compressing the song. You can really dial in your compression with the mpressor.

      elysia mpressor Compressor Features:

      • Versatile compressor with discrete Class-A topology
      • Auto Fast Attack feature
      • Sidechain filter
      • Analog dynamic LED meter
      • Niveau filter for EQ


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