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Elysia Mpressor - Plug-in

$199 Dólares


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Elysia Mpressor - Plug-in

$199 Dólares


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      Based on elysia's famous creative compressor, the mpressor plug-in offers everything from subtle dynamics control to wild special effects. It's effortless to achieve the pumping sound that's popular in electronic music, or even create completely new signal envelopes for incredibly animated effects. The mpressor also sports elysia's Niveau Filter which lets you enhance the brightness or darkness of track, faster and easier than turning to another EQ plug-in.

      Elysia mpressor Compressor Plug-in at a Glance:
      • Rhythmic compression effects are incredibly easy to achieve
      • Niveau Filter gives you powerful sonic control
      • Dial in settings fast with your mousewheel
      Rhythmic compression effects are incredibly easy to achieve

      If you like to use compressors as effects to add rhythm and life to your tracks, you'll love working with the elysia mpressor plug-in. The Anti Log control basically turns the traditional compression curve upside down, and makes it effortless to achieve powerful compression effects that sound incredibly smooth. And by selecting negative ratio values, you can quickly create all manner of heavy pumping and backwards sounds. If you regularly push your compressor to the max, you need to hear what the elysia mpressor plug-in can do for you.

      Niveau Filter gives you powerful sonic control

      The elysia mpressor plug-in has elysia's beloved Niveau Filter to give you fast access to powerful tone shaping. This EQ is designed to let you adjust the frequency balance of your audio, making it easy to make your tracks brighter or darker. This gives the elysia mpressor the control you need when normal shelving filters won't give you enough, and where a parametric EQ would be overkill.

      Dial in settings fast with your mousewheel

      When you're being creative, you want to be able to dial in your sounds fast. The elysia mpressor plug-in lets you adjust parameters with your mousewheel, eliminating the frustrations that can come with adjusting virtual knobs with your mouse pointer. It may not seem like a big deal, but once you try it you'll wish you could tweak every one of your plug-ins with your mousewheel.

      Elysia mpressor Compressor Plug-in Features:
      • Compressor plug-in with unique, effects-focused controls
      • Can be used transparently, or to add extreme compression effects
      • Anti Log control inverts the compression curve for exaggerated effects
      • Negative ratio values lower output volume while compressing for unique rhythmic effects
      • Niveau filter gives you fast, powerful tone shaping
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