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Elysia Museq

$5,399 Dólares


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Elysia Museq

$5,399 Dólares


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      In classic elysia fashion, the museq stereo equalizer gives you quality components, 100%-discrete Class A analog circuitry with optimally matched parameters, and the sound-shaping mojo of five EQ bands with hefty gain ranges, plus special features that let you ace any tracking or mixing scenario. The result is extraordinary sonic width, depth, and openness, and the surgical precision to nail any EQ challenge.

      elysia museq Two-channel Parametric EQ at a Glance:

      • The flexibility to nail any EQ challenge
      • Juice your signal with added harmonic "color"
      • 100% discrete analog circuitry for optimum signal quality

      The flexibility to nail any EQ challenge

      The elysia museq gives you the flexibility to nail any EQ challenge. There are two channels, each offering three parametric bands with two-position switchable Q. The outer bands are low/high shelving designs you can separately switch into a cut mode with a resonance peak that keeps the knee frequency from sounding overly damped, reminiscent of the inductor circuits found in classic designs. You can switch any of the museq's five gain controls per channel from boost to cut, giving you twice the number of available gain steps and letting you quickly and easily identify problem frequencies. Of course, you get stepped potentiometers for easily repeatable mix bus or mastering applications.

      Juice your signal with added harmonic "color"

      Each of the museq's channels gives you a switchable option for adding even-order harmonics to your signal, giving you easy access to the type of tasty coloration that was a hallmark of certain legendary vintage console equalizers. This makes the museq, effectively, two EQs in one. You may well prefer the "color" setting for mix use and the clean for tracking (or vice-versa), but however you use this wonderful-sounding feature, you'll find it will become an indispensable tonal color tool you'll reach for time after time. In addition, the museq gives you Warm Mode, yet another switchable sonic flavor that alters its frequency spectrum, harmonics, and transient response.

      100% discrete analog circuitry for optimum signal quality

      The circuit design of the elysia museq consists of 100% discrete analog technology. All the signal processing is handled by single transistors in permanent Class A mode; even the power supply rocks fully discrete circuits. Technical refinement, in fact, is found throughout the museq, including an oversized transformer, selected capsuled conductive plastic potentiometers, and custom-designed current feedback amplifiers. Such rapt attention to quality and detail is standard operating procedure for elysia; they know the results will be optimum signal quality, even at extreme settings.

      elysia museq Two-channel Parametric EQ Features:

      • 100% Discrete Class A - all discrete circuitry with no integrated circuits
      • Active Bandpasses with FETs - a purist design approach for truly musical EQ
      • Outer shelving filters - can be switched into resonance highpass and lowpass filters
      • Parallel Filter Design leaves high and mid frequencies completely untouched when using high and lowpass filters
      • Warm Mode - a second, switchable sonic flavor with altered frequency spectrum, harmonics and transient response
      • Pure Transparency Path - purist filter-stage design without coupling capacitors for outstanding sound quality
      • Boost/Cut Mode - generates twice the number of values to be set the museq's 23-step potentiometers
      • Switchable Filter Quality - can be switched from a wide to a narrow Q factor
      • Stepped, Matched Potentiometers - 23-step pots, matched in stereo pairs
      • Handcrafted in elysia's factory in Nettetal, Germany

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