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      Pocas piezas en Mexico, reserve la suya. a la brevedad. 


      The Neumann TLM 103 - 25 Years Edition is a homage to that magical year and the industrial aesthetics of the late 1990s. The Neumann team developed a raw, yet refined titanium look. The galvanic nickel coating is – again – 100% made with internal production resources. Ultra-fine rills, thinner than on vinyl, add an elegant roughness to the TLM 103 – a tribute to its international reputation as a workhorse in any studio and with any project. Because that’s what it is: its large diaphragm condenser capsule is derived from the classic K67/87 capsule of the legendary Neumann U 87. Yet its modern voicing with a broad presence boost and its ultra-low self-noise made the TLM 103 a modern classic in its own right.

      The TLM 103 - 25 Years Edition is limited to 500 pieces. Each microphone bears the individual serial number on the front and is delivered together with the elastic suspension and a pair of black gloves in a sturdy aluminum case.

      The TLM 103 utilizes Neumann’s legendary transformerless circuit—found in classic microphones such as the M 149, TLM 49 and TLM 107—to achieve the lowest self-noise of any microphone in its class.

      The TLM 103 is equipped with Neumann’s coveted K 103 capsule, which is modeled after the K87 capsule used in the U67 and U87 microphones. The K 103 capsule delivers a flat frequency response up to 5 kHz, with a wide, flat 4 dB presence boost on the top-end.

      The cardioid pickup pattern provides optimum sound rejection—making the TLM 103 ideal for recording vocals in untreated rooms. The large wire mesh grille reduces plosive sounds and prevents pop noises without resorting to corrective resonance effects.

      Off-axis sounds are rendered naturally while isolation is increased. This also leads to a high feedback suppression when the microphone is used in live situations or when recording in front of studio monitors.

      Capable of handling signals up to 138 dB S.P.L, the TLM 103 is perfect for recording loud instruments like guitar cabs, heavy-hitting drummers, and brass.

      The letters TLM stand for "transformerless microphone". With TLM technology, the standard output transformer is replaced by an electronic circuit. As with traditional transformers, this ensures superior common mode rejection, and prevents RF interference that may influence the signal.

      The Neumann TLM 103 includes an SG 1 shock mount and woodbox carrying case.

      • Large diaphragm cardioid microphone
      • Pressure gradient transducer with with one-diaphragm capsule
      • Transformerless circuitry
      • Extremely low noise: 7 dB-A
      • Includes swivel mount
      • Straightforward handling for homerecording and professional studios
      • High-quality professional equipment for limited budgets



        These are just some of the most common applications. We recommend additional experimentation to gain maximum use from this microphone.

        • A universal cardioid mic
        • Grabación vocalista
        • Micrófono de locutor para transmisión/locución
        • Debido al mínimo ruido propio: micrófono en el aire para radio/transmisiones, señales de muy baja amplitud, radiodrama, muestreo, foley/efectos de sonido.
        • Estudios de grabación y proyectos en casa.
        • Micrófono puntual para: instrumentos de viento, cuerdas, percusión, amplificadores de guitarra, batería


        Principio de funcionamiento acústico Transductor de gradiente de presión
        Patrón direccional Cardioide
        Rango de frecuencia 20 Hz ... 20 kHz
        Sensibilidad de 1 kHz a 1 kohm 23mV/Pa
        Impedancia nominal 50 ohmios
        Impedancia de carga nominal 1 kiloohmio
        Nivel de ruido equivalente, CCIR 1) 17,5dB
        Nivel de ruido equivalente, ponderación A 1) 7dB-A
        Relación señal-ruido, CCIR 1) (rel. 94 dB S.P.L) 76,5dB
        Relación señal-ruido, ponderación A 1) (rel. 94 dB S.P.L) 87dB
        S.P.L máximo para THD 0,5% 2) 138dB
        Tensión máxima de salida 13 dBu
        Tensión de alimentación (P48, IEC 61938) 48V ± 4V
        Consumo de corriente (P48, IEC 61938) 3mA
        Conector a juego XLR3F
        Peso aprox. 450 gramos
        Diámetro 60 milímetros
        Longitud 132mm

        1) según IEC 60268-1; Ponderación del CCIR según CCIR 468-3, cuasi pico; Ponderación A según IEC 61672-1, RMS
        2) medida como equivalente el. señal de entrada

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